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Restrictions And Errors


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Copied From Murs initial Post (no code changed)

[b]Restrictions and Errors[/b]
There are a lot of usual words that you are not allowed to use in your scripts. Try to rename them and avoid warnings. It is not a syntax check, its a broad check over what you type there in your little green scripting box to avoid exploits. Most red errors mean your script was not parsed because it did not pass the security checks. If your script gets parsed but you run into a nasty fatal error that stops loading the page, you will have a blue "edit in case of error" link so you can edit and fix the script.

You used words or signs that are not allowed, simply rename them

Same as above. They cover a larger number of words and letter combinations. Same issue may cause an error in multiple error groups, but once you fix it they will all dissapear.

This means you tried to use a php function or keyword that is not supported. About 250 php functions are supported, out of thousands probably. You should have plenty of tools to play with but some things are just not safe for general use. If you think a function you could use is not available and its harmless, make a request and i will analyze it.

These are odd errors, but they are needed. Sometimes it makes no sense why you can't use a group of characters one after an other, but its mainly to prevent abuses you never dreamed of. Try to use something else, rename, reorder, etc.

[b]Fatal Errors and Parse Errors[/b]
These could be black ugly errors or red errors. This mean your script was compiled but failed to run. If you get a line number out of it, lucky you. Search that line for a possible mistake, a lost quote, a missing bracket or a missing ";" at the end of the line, etc. If the line is the last one in your script, you probably left a bracket open, see that all open brackets { match a closing bracket }.
Not all the time the error that is written is helpful to know what happend. You should check your script open minded and not got stuck in the hint that the error message gives.

[b]MDScript Warnings[/b]
These are very useful warnings to tell you things that happen with your script. The errors are very targeted and explain most of what is going on. You should read them and try to fix the script so that you won't get any. In case the warnings can not be fixed or should not be fixed, there is a bypass function to hide the warnings, but use it ONLY when you are sure you understand all of them and you are sure they do not affect the functionality of the script.

[b]Hide MDScript Warnings Function:[/b]

//place it anywhere in the code[/php]

This will not stop other errors than MDScript Warnings

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