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Copied From Murs initial Post (no code changed)




template = template to use for each data displayed. Variables in this template should be noted as [[somename]] where 'somename' can be anything
data = can be an array with keys named like the strings enclosed in [[...]] in the template or a multidimensional array for more records. Such an array has each of its items as an array with values
return = if its true, function will return the string so it can be used in the script, if its false, it will display the result directly.
columns = for multidimensional arrays, this parameter tells on how many columns they should be displayed. If its false or 1 the records will be displayed one per row. It has no use if the data array does not contain multiple records.
attributes = when displaying multiple records, they get organized in a table. The attributes parameter can contain a string to be placed inside the <td ...> tag of each cell. This could be a style an attribute but also javascript or anything that is html valid.

You can use bits of content as templates with variables.
@content[1] is the content after the first content separator
lets say for this example template code contains:

[php]<b>[[name]]</b><br>[[rowinfo]]<br>Details: [[more]][/php]

Script to use this template:

[php]//make sure @tpl its empty
@tpl = array(); [php]<b>[[name]]</b><br>[[rowinfo]]<br>Details: [[more]]

//do something 20 times
@tpl[@va]['name'] = "Record {@vk}";
@tpl[@va]['rowinfo'] = "Row {@vk} has value".@vv;
@tpl[@va]['more'] = "more values ...";

//call template function
mds_template(@content[1],@tpl,true,3,'style="border:1px solid"');[/php]

This will display the content in @tpl, on 3 columns, each time parsing the template in @content[1]. The style indicated in the last parameter will be used on each of the 20 table cells created.

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