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This feature will allow you to "publish" your battles for others to view.

Advantages having this:
-Allows you to show proof of battles rather than sending mails which can be forged
-Players can learn from watching battles
-It allows you to archive a battle replay which would normally be erased by the next day
-The full battlelog is provided

There has a been a concern brought up that it could be a slight spoiler.
I do not consider it a spoiler, if an MP3 attacks another MP3 with a rustgold, it is not exactly a spoiler. I feel this provides a learning mechanism instead.
If it is too "spoilery" I can implement checks on certain creatures and exp/MP-levels.

I have placed a live version of this in the rope at the paper cabin and at the signpost and in the labyrinth entrance.

Post your suggestions for where it should be located in the event that it is implemented.
There has been a suggestion to but it in the signpost at the Marble Dale Park, this seems a good palce to me due to the proximaty of the Sparring Grounds.

The viewer is still in testing, and more features are to come. It will currently limit you to archiving only 1 battle.
There will likely be bugs, please tell me about any you find.

Planned additions:
-Checkbox to choose whether to have the battle publically viewable or only to you
-Archive limit of probably 3 or 5 battles
-Removal of an uploaded battle
-Renaming the battle (could be a problem in case someone posts foul language)
-Removing the names of the participants

Many players expressed their desire for such a feature, please tell me your thoughts.

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Due to memory limitations and the size of the battles, I have had to remove the flash and rolling log for now.
It will still be displaying the full logs.
I plan for the final version to include the flash and rolling log, please bear with me until I restructure the storage.

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I did a complete overhaul for the battle archiving.
It should now be using less than a tenth of the size.
Rolling log and flash is back up, and the full log displays when viewing combat results.

It is still located at the rope in the Paper Cabin and signpost in front of the Labyrinth.
Are there other suggestions for where to put it?
If not, I will place it at the signpost in the Marble Dale Park once completed.

It will likely run into a memory issue once too many fights are uploaded, I'm working on restructuring the storages now.

Any ideas for better menu layout/access?

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Viewer has been updated to work with the new combat log system.
Option to delete battles was added. Moderator/admin levels added as well (they will be more apparent in the next update)
Some minor changes were made to the appearance.

The battle viewer is still located on the signpost in the Marble Dale Park.
Number of publishable battles is currently limited to 1, it will be changed in the next update.

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