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Odd Bug

da doctor

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Since the dark archer´s modification a strange bug invaded my beloved account
At first i noticed that in the top left corner where it indicated the mp level, instead of 3/3 it shows 4/3, witch i dont think is normal at MP3
i looked at my profile and i noticed that i have 4 principles instead of 3. Beside the 3 i´ve chosen, i have an extra principle selection Principle of Enthropy = 38
Mur, i wrote u a pm but u are abviously busy. can someone tell me what is going on?
If is about the archers, i didnt used them. someone attacked me with an archer in the rit, but i dunno who it was.
Beside, i had a defensive rit with a lvl 2 dark archer but it was set on weaken def. And i dont think i was attacked after the modifications of the archers, once i saw the ¨tuning¨ of the archers i did give up on using them for defensive rituals, instead u used the water beeings
Please tell me what is to be done

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It was due to the archers new skill. Even if you don't use them, you can still be affected if someone uses them on you. Grido is making a list on another topic called "for those who wants to be honest...", you might want to post the 4th principle you gained there.

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