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The Principle of Balance

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The principle of balance does not reffer only to good and evil. It generaly stands for all things opposite and applies both to individual situations and other inferior Principles.

Balance can NOT be broken, but it can be bent to one side or another, thus modifying the entire nature of the situation or the objects involved. For example, water puts out fire and fire evaporates water; this balance is never broken, but it can be altered, by giving more influence to one of the sides. The balance should be fully understood in order for one to be aware one is controlling it. Each situation, object or action is formed by parts, that have opposites.

Most things are not pure by birth, thus they don't have a well shaped opposite. But the criteriae, the things are built upon, do have well known opposites. The first step consists of understanding the criteriae in order to find their opposites.

It is difficult to use the Balance in one's favour, and it usually it becomes an art of chance and presumption. The most helpful thing that could be obtained through understanding the opposite is to fully understand the initial criteria. An opposite reveals a lot about the original's nature and ways of how to protect or destroy it.

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I think balance would be crucial when you encounter a oppo much stronger than you.

Or I may put it like this:when weak versus strong,light versus darkness,syntropy versus enthropy,and maybe time versus cyclicity(like line versus circle),between two things opposite to each other,balance plays as a key factor.

Sorry for my poor English and I'll be grateful when someone can rectify my thought as well as my English expression.

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Ive chosen Enthropy, sythropy, Light, balance and time.. Im pretty sure I have a Powerful combination here... :mellow:

Nice choices....i chose cyclicity, element, balance, syntropy and transposition. I didn't chose light or dark as i was not ready to choose which one i wanted lol I sort of wanted to be neutral. And i really have no idea wot my choices mean, as i find the explainations too complex for me lol But i really like it when individuals give their understanding, as it helps me to understand.

So feel free to analyse my choices lol :)

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I chose principle of darkness, principle of light and balance as well. When I was choosing I was thinking something of the balance between good and bad, day and night, light and dark, something similar to "yin" and "yang" :)


And I chose imagination to make all this more "alive, illusionary, imaginable, practicable" (didnt find the word, lol)

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