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Sorry I Am Not In Md


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I wanted to explain why I am not in md for now.
I got operated on twice in one week so I am a bit lets say not concentrated playing the game is costing to mush energie so I check in for pm and news nothing more.

When I am back on my feet there wil be a party to celebrate it so look at the mood board to see if I am back *smiles*
But do have fun you all *giggles*

(i would like to be a demon for real they never get sick :P)

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here a update about me *smiles*

it is going a bit better but i am not well enough to play the game jet.

I cant stil not sit up but it takes time and that i have enough i am a bit bored now *smiles* a lot bored and that is because i have read all my books again now :)

so you have i think a bout a week before i am back here *winks* take some rest you need it when i am back :))

i dont come back again this is my goodby i am sick of all the prudes here in md and the idea that they have the power here forget it i will find something else to play.

ROLEPLAY is every thing that can happen so roleplay is free

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