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Note To All Quest Creators


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Again no need to wait for a king account. if you are not a quest creator stop reading here this doesnt concern you. but all quest creators or those wanting to make quests in the future listen carefully.
i have 100 wishpoint reward codes. i will use part of those wishpoints for quest creators WITHIN MARIND BELL. if you have a really good quest i will award you with one wishpoint and also give you wishpoint reward codes to reward the questers with them. YOU will get to reward the questers and not me. the wishpoint will come from your account and with that help you build your reputation as a quest creator and eventually enable you to buy the quest document.
there is only one rule. you must be from Marind Bell. you must be affiliated with the land and view yourself as citizen of Marind Bell. so take the citizenship applications seriously. if you are an awesome quest creator but remain neutral and dont apply for citizenship you will not get any wishpoint codes no matter what.
for the time being i will evalute your quest and judge them worthy of a wishpoint and reward codes or not. so first get the citizenship application done (my unofficial one not the unimplemented feature in the right panel) and then pm me with your quest

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I really like the story line in the Chapter about MB providing light proctection and stuff. Really intrigues me and encourag me to protect the land. Been in both SoE and KoB so MB sounds the best option for me :) I didn't it would be a surprise to others though ahahah :P

By the way I am waiting for a pending on my citizen request. I click once but it didn't seem to go through. And so I click on it again but it seems that my reason for being a citizen did was cleared the first time I submit. In all regards to the link you kindly provided above, the citizenship implement is in place right? Thank you :P

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The offical citicizenship is using the tab yes, But Lifeline means you should apply to him by pming him (again details on this thread http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5705-application-for-marind-bell-citizenship/ ) since mur isnt doing anything with citizenship.

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