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Loreroot Citizenship


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My spirit lives within the Oak of Loreroot, and the arch of my arrows will forever fly true in its defense. I humbly request citizenship to our fair land. May it remain forever true and proud, and may its majestic landscape forever inspire us all.

Priestess Orchid
Knight of the Full Moon - CoE

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Bound to Loreroot heart and soul, I humbly ask for citizenship. My talents, abilities, and blades for the great forest of Loreroot.

Thank you for your attention,

Mya Celestia
Second of the Guardians of the Root

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My race was born out of the will of the forest to survive. I am a Therian, guardian protector of the Great Forest, akin to all creatures who dwell in its fold. Loreroot is my home: the ancient trees are my shelter; the great canopies my roof; the forest floor, my bed; its bosom, my only resting place. I shall die without the Root - the umbilical cord - the great string that gives me life.

I beseech thee, with your kingly wisdom, to grant me what I seek, to be a recognized citizen of this verdant land.

With great honour,

Magnus the 10th

[url="http://magicduel.com/players/magnus%20vox"]Game Profile[/url]
[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/user/3048-magnus-x/"]Forum Profile[/url]

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Even though i am in an alliance of the underground, I do think of myself as a citizen of LR, as i spend most (if not all) of my time there.
I hereby humbly ask to be accepted as a citizen of Loreroot
Shattered Illusions (other SI members, don't comment, PM in game if you have questions/objections about this)

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Ok, It now seems that I can now grant citizenship. If your in a Loreroot alliance I believe you are effectively a citizen already.
If you aren't in a Loreroot alliance and seek citizenship state so here or PM me (please choose citizenship as the PM tag).
Please note that I can only grant citizenship every 3 hrs, so it may take some time to do this.
Don't bother to apply unless you are sincere in looking to be a citizen of Loreroot and intend to stay as such. And remember once you are a citizen you are delcaring your intention to follow Loreroot's leadership and laws.

Edited by Firsanthalas
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Greetings Firanthalas! I couldnt catch you in-game so, here. Say, was my application been declined? or were you asking for a confirmation of my intention to apply as citizen? and was that because of the lapse of time between my application and your ability to grant citizenhip? If so then i gladly renew my application for Loreroot Citizenship. i was ingame today and i'm pleased to let you know that my mentoring sessions have resumed.

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