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We Saw Harrasment In Pl, Now How About In Pm? Is It Okay?

someone called H

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I saw topic about PL thing where some people post something that everyone else agree that is too harsh or not really acceptable in MD, how about pm like this?

[b]*From: LoneValkryie (ID:176564)
*sent 26 minutes and 24 seconds ago
wow so your a full fledged dick eh
how about attack chewwit you fool[/b]

it's just a Head Contest and does someone really deserve something like this?

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how about ignoring them?
it's not like they were worth your time, are they?

people send me hate-spam every HC, specially those who think to have a chance...
ignore them, or write down their names and wait for a time when they ask for a favor :D)

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  • Root Admin

Like Grido said. Also if thinks goout of control i will make a pm block feature, like ignore on messenger. Public logs is a different matter, more critical one because they are public.

..that reminds me i should start checking those

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When the notifier goes off, refresh your screen. That way the pm doesn't automatically open. Then you can click the pm button and see who sent it and delete it without ever reading it. :P

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