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An Offline Lho?


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I found a little minor buggy.
With the online-status thing being lengthened, I suppose.

I asked Live Help, and got no reply. It had me wonder that the LHO just went ofline while asking, so I asked my question again a few minutes later.
It appeared to be the same LHO that was supposed to help me, but again I got no reply.

After my "Hello?"-message about 10 minutes later, I noticed what was wrong.

Your question will be assigned to **Awiiya**.
To Chat live with **Awiiya** go to ''

To chat live, go to ''... No location was there? Normally there should be the location of the LHO there.
But since there's no location, I guess Awiiya is ofline? Yet she still appears in the Live Help-link.

I allready appoligized through PM for being impatient and asking the same thing twice, as I didn't notice she was "offline" at first.

But a LHO shouldn't be off-line while being assigned a question.
No wait... that sounds like an accusation towards the LHO. I mean it the other way around. The LH-tool shouldn't assign a question to a LHO that is offline :P
Yeah, that sounds better...

Can you fix this?

Cheers :D

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the reason why there's no name of the location where Awiiya was, its cause that location doesnt have a name :P (some locations only have coordinates and are without names)

he wasn't offline, but he was probably idle, and I agree about that one, idle LHOs shouldnt get help messages (offline ones do not get them, just for the record)

and one more thing, Awiiya is a male :D

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also, note: Unless you refresh your page, you will get the same LHO in the link each time you click it, the link (and therefore LHO) changes when you refresh the page.
This also means that even if the LHO has logged out, you will still get them if you havent refreshed recently

Solution for LHO's - Log out, don't idle when you go to sleep, the no allocation for idle LHO's is a topic that has been brought up multiple times, so until (that is, if it does happen) it does, the simple solution would be for them to log out.

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