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Whoever can help me find my christmas present will be rewarded with One Silver
(can be writing, picture, part of object, or whatever, even the tiled floor!)
one word answers please, any attempts you like until found, but you have to wait for someone Else to reply before you can try again

first to guess what i can see...beginning... with the letter....


(if i dont answer then its not the right answer!! please continue!)

Edit : reward increased to three silver, feeling generous!
(for anyone that doesnt realise, the object has to be Visible in the picture above!!)

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nice one! you guys are doing great!, not the right answer though
hmmm maybe i should have told the answer to a trustworthy adjudicator, so people know im not making it up at the end or summin... well its me you should all know i wouldnt do that! (just be pretty annoyed if you guessed it on first go :D!)

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