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Possible Torch Competition Bug

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Torch competition ended
The torch competition ended! The final score for each land is as follows:
Loreroot 4,
Underground 2,
Golemus Golemicarum 3,
Necrovion 1,

Actually the score is counted like this
ur one point gets canceled by the another point scoured by Necro against MB.
See let say MD got 1 point against Necro and Necro got 3 points against MB then the score will read like

MD 0
Necro 2 ( even thou necro got 3 ponits. 1Point from both Necro and MD gets canceled)

So if MD want a score then they have to get 2 points so that the score will read like

Necro 0
MD 1

Thats what i have observed. Hope iam correct hehe ^_^

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if u fight for Marind Bell please keep in mind that there is no chance to ever score anything. it will just be for the fun of participating but MB wont ever get score points after the subtracting.

- new players can only pick MB torch because all other lands are closed and will die before even leaving MB giving the opponent points and MB minus points.
- from GoE MB has teh quickest way to the capitol so almost everybody choses to score in MB. plus loreroot people can even come from the back.

first one is what gets us all the minus point. because newer people just pick up a torch not really knowing what it is and end up just giving the opponent who scores in MB (because newer guy gets killed within MB) a kill. giving opponent +1 and MB -1

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