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Mood Panel - Not Enough Action Points


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I'm trying to post a link to my wtb rare creatures thread in the mood panel, and i've seen other people posting links before so it shouldnt be any issue.

I tried several times with 10 AP and got a little confused when i got the message "[color="#ff0000"]Not enough action points.[/color]" but i figured that there might be some sort of a requirement on AP to be able to post, however i just tried when i have 70 AP, and it comes up with the same message, so bug? or large AP requirement i've previously not been aware of?

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hehehe whats this? Grido having problems? ;) that would be the first time.

like Fenrir said, 20 ap for post, and lots of links are too long, I would like to see that mood panel has higher limit for letters... many times I just abandon posting something on it cause I actually want to post a sentence >.< forum one is much better

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