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Dream Quest Part 2(And Interim Part 3)


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Talking to others about his dreams, he realised something startling.. the things he dreamt about, would happen, or had happened before. Two weeks ago he dreamt that a crab was chasing him and biting him, and this very thing happened the next week.. coincidence or not, he decided to compile his dreams in a small notepad, writing them down as soon as he awoke. This was when the dreams started to grow stranger and more abstract, and his notepad became filled with seemingly unconnected patterns, phrases, and occurences.

Asterdai sought the help of other people, who had had dreams to help understand more about them, to find out if others were experiencing the same dreams, why he was having them, and more importantly what they all meant, to see if there was a "bigger" picture emerging. This became a lonely hobby of his, drawing out most of his time, and these dreams now haunted him both while awake and while asleep. The funny thing was that when he awoke, he would feel drained and tired and feel as if he hadnt been asleep at all. Wide eyed and grouchy asterdai became unhappy and became very short tempered. Rudely he would jot notes down as people were talking to him, sometimes ignoring what they were saying completely.

Quest part 2
- The Dream Pattern(Active- no one completed yet)

Rewards 1st - Aged Angien!!(many thanks to shoeps) and pimped grasan
2nd - 5 silver
3rd - 2 silver
4th - 1 silver
(silver will be transfered when ive changed up a gold of mine, with Grido hopefully ;))

After speaking with some people he was not sure whether it was helping him or not, or if it just made him look silly. Grumpily he slept by the tree and dreamt once more. Awaking with a start he wrote down a poem and was confused about what it meant.
If Ye seek me out, look for something small,
I can be quirky and robust, i can be strong and tall,
Im something you can trust a friend of the jays,
Im a King, im a maiden, decidedly useful for all[/center]

Scratching his head, he just put it with all his notes and forgot about it, after mentioning it to a few people who spoke to him about his dreams.

(See if you can help by being transported through one of Asterdai's dreams! The answer to this puzzle will, when completed work in a special place in MD, a place which is also part of Asterdai's dreams (look above for the riddle)
Here is the link for the puzzle - http://www.wiipicross.com/play.php?upid=11824 Good luck! Hint : The answer is written abstractly at the top of the puzzle, the name of a person prevelant in the world of MD)

Please PM me in game the two final answers, or if you need any help, reward is Pimped grasan for the winner, other rewards pending

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Interim -

Quest part 3 - Dreaming of a Connection(Active - 1 entry)

Eager to continue his search for understanding of dreams and their connection to him in the realm, Asterdai thought he would tak a different route and study what his creatures really meant to him, they appeared in his dreams and in his mind when he fought with his enemies, and he felt oddly attached to them, they were indeed part of him as he was of them.

(Your task is to -
write a poem about one of your creatures and its interactions of its life in MD and possibly how it feels, you can involve tokens owned, experience level, battles won, how you merged with it, how it reacts in certain places or situations around MD, the way it reacts in battle, and much more! (remember that your creature is part of you and vise versa, it would be nice if the way you describe your creature if you do reflects its creature description, but it isnt essential.) This is a fun an exciting task which will hopefully make you think about how you interact with your creatures and what they mean to you, as they are a big part of your experience here in MD whether you think so or not! The poem may be of any length but only substansial ones will be taken into any consideration for reward)

The Water Beeing

Lovley little water beeing,
I catched you at one days evening.
From the ground of this big lake,
You came to me, you seemed such fake.

Your smile has tried to touch my soul,
I should drown and remain unknown.
But I did not fall onto you try,
And catched you under the clear sky.

From this day on, we are but one,
I train you well, someday its done.
You will envolve and gather strength,
Your hair will grown in obtain some length.

I showed you what you have to do,
Part of army, against the foe.
At first you weaken and I strike hard,
Later on, you balm my scars.

Your mind has fall in love with me,
You will protect me against all of thee.
You suck their life, their strength and will,
To heal my wounds, and life refill.

I scatter with my sword some strikes,
Your magic from behind does part.
This battle could been even worse,
But together we will have success.

I charm your reptile skin and smile,
You stay with me, for a long while.
And then I will one day see,
You skin yourself, and grow indeed.

Now that you have your full power,
All shall fear, the snakehaired tower.
My fishy love, you never fail,
But I never get that mermaid tale.

By Blackwood Forest

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[quote name='dst' date='09 January 2010 - 04:52 PM' timestamp='1263055954' post='52306']
I solved that puzzle but I cannot read the hint. I might have an issue to distinguish one letter from another since some can be more then 1...if you understand my point.

Pm me in game with which puzzle you are on x

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Ok it has been a while now... This quest is STILL active, no correct winners yet.
Part 4 (after the first three puzzles, has been edited for clarity) if you got stuck on this part, please try again, if you still are having problems with understanding what you have to do, please message me in game.

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  • 2 months later...

Three months later and the QUEST IS COMPLETE!!

[size="7"]Congratulations[/size] to [size="7"]PAZUR[/size] who answered the correct answer to puzzle on his second try! the only person to do so.

(having recieved so many incorrect answers i began to believe it was a fault of my own...and in a way i know i have made many mistakes with the quest as a whole)

However that cannot tak away the logic and calculation displayed to Pazur.
This will now bring this long quest to an end.

NO ONE else got anywhere close when it came to the puzzle, over 10 promising entries or so!

The only person to respond to the Interim quest was Blackwood Forest who shall receve a prize also.(for reading my papers and submitting an answer to the question that was there for roughly 3 months...)

Thank you all for your participation, even though i have not allways been 100% active.

Till the next time!

(edited to mention about clarifying an award some point in the very near future.)

[size="6"]CORRECT ANSWERS[/size]

Thank you for your kind words. It was my pleasure to take part in your quest

*laughs* I'm not surprised you haven't seen me before. I haven't been on much lately due to being beautifully busy in rl

*slaps forehead* Bob! of course... Z makes a lot of sense. I was only thinking of LR. When I first started I saw Z by Bob all the time

Your hint on the last riddle helped me a lot.
I am guessing each line yields 1 letter:
Before the comma gives possibilities of letters, and after tells which of those possibilities they can't be
For instance:
Trapped in the source, sealed off from choice or reason
Looking for a letter within the word 'source' neither s nor e because the letter is trapped
Now for after the comma, the letter can't be in either 'choice' or 'reason'
Leaving the letter u

There are a few combinations, but I'm guessing the following:


*laughs* you got the juices flowing in my mind. I'll be thinking up crazy ideas for hours now! Thank you for this


[size="2"](Gargant style puzzles, which first clue began displayed at the bottom of my hate page.)[/size]

If ye seek me out, look for something small
I can be quirky and robust, I can be strong and tall
Im something you can trust, a friend of the jays
Im a king, im a maiden, decidedly useful for all

small oak tree plant – activation answer = raven

Text to be displayed here =

Climb up high and look in here, you might see your face
Or else you’ll see others within, but remember to not leave a trace.
Unknown hands with unknown plans must visit her at night,
A looking glass upon wisdom and farce, is what you will greet in this place.

MDA window – activation answer = ailith the tainted

Text to be displayed here =

Nice and easy take it slow, follow the trail for the place to go,
Through thorny bushes and arches of ash,
Search for the treasure, where I’ve hidden my stash
To the place that you seek there’s more than one path
Its here that it happened, where they unleashed their wrath.
Past the lush green meadow and down from the gate,
Where at the hands of Necrovia, they did meet their fate,

clash of ages – activation answer = snail
Text to be displayed here =

These three riddles you have passed with ease, but I have one more test for you if you please,

Like the tree which stands there silent and strong, a defender of the nation keeping people from wrong,
A snail of sorts who doesn’t move quick, but lies back and observes, laughing hard at the thick.

This shall give you one name, but two names you shall say, and this riddle below shall guide you, the rest of the way.

I am a wisdom, which the wizard will not know
A force full of horror, that dwells not in real hell
Trapped in the source, sealed off from choice or reason
And pure like an Angel, that exists not in god’s heaven

(Please entitle you response as Asterdai’s dream quest part 2 or something similar when you submit your two final answers)


Pazur - Aged angien(sponsered by Shoeps if we can find him..), 5 silver and a pimped grasan
Blackwood Forest - 3 silver

Edited by Asterdai
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