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Dreams Of Mystery

Blood Prince

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"It was like looking over MD at night in a god view….Raven Hold, Fountain of Dark Vibrations, Mt.Kelletha, GOE, Tempst Fort, Howling Gates, Warith’s Wreck and Gates of Ages was shining like gold in the dark. Having closer look at this it seems to exchange golden beams of light back and forth in a predefined order… after a while whole of MD was covered with the darkness of the night…" [/i]

The quest has 5 phases. You can ask for 3 clues 1 for phase 1 and 2 for phase 3. No clues will be given for phase 2, 4 and 5.

[b]To start the quest :-[/b] PM (BloodPrince) me (in Game)
[b]Where can you find me:-[/b] GGG or GOE

[b]Rewards[/b]:-[color="#00FF00"][b] 3 Wishpoints for first 3 places.
Any MP level can participate in this quest. Quest will go on up until 3 WP are given

[b][color="#FF0000"]If you participate in this quest please do take a minute to comment about it after you have finished or given up [/color][/b]:P

Good Luck

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[color="#FF0000"][size="7"][u][b]******* QUEST OVER *******[/b][/u][/size][/color]
Final Standings
[color="#FF0000"][b][u] Phase 1[/u][/b][/color]

[*][color="#8B0000"][s]Famfrit Flamel[/s][/color]
[*]zeTsu grass
[*][color="#8B0000"][s]Camilla[/s] [/color]
[*][color="#8B0000"][s]Grogon [/s][/color]
[*][color="#8B0000"][s]*Indyra Sirenias*[/s][/color]
[*][color="#8B0000"][s]*Princ Rhaegar*[/s][/color]
[*]North Equilibrium
[*][color="#8B0000"][s]Mighty Pirate[/s][/color]
[*][s]Falen Angel[/s]
[*]Skie Anderson
[*][color="#8B0000"][s]sasha lilias[/s][/color]
[*][s]Mya Celestia[/s]
[*]Phantom Orchid

[color="#8B0000"][b][u] Phase 2[/u][/b][/color]
[*]Mighty Pirate
[*][color="#008000"][s]sasha lilias[/s][/color]
[*]Famfrit Flamel
[*][color="#008000"][s]*Indyra Sirenias*[/s][/color]
[*][color="#008000"][s]*Princ Rhaegar*[/s][/color]

[color="#008000"][b][u] Phase 3[/u][/b][/color]
[*]sasha lilias
[*]*Indyra Sirenias*
[*]*Princ Rhaegar*

[color="#800080"][b][u] Phase 4[/u][/b][/color]

[color="#0000FF"][b][u] Phase 5[/u][/b][/color]


[color="#FF8C00"][size="6"]Wish Points Won[/size][/color]
[*]Cutler (WP Sent)
[*]Nimrodel (WP Sent)
[*]Firsanthalas (WP Sent)

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[quote name='Burns' date='13 January 2010 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1263400520' post='52661']
I know the answer!! Will i get a WP now? =P

Not you Burns...I have much harder one for you. :P

Tks though for setting the whole scene up for me with the clickies.

Oh yeah I got a quest for you

what about increasing Briskness by 800 points in about 1hr :D

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Hmm.. It took me a lot of time.. but.. here I am..
ok.. good points first:
1. It was an awesome quest.
2. Loved the deciphering part of it.. The Ciphers stuff..
3. It covered most aspects.. tested everything.
4. It kept me stuck to the PC for hours together..

The not so good point: It was a bit difficult to see Phase IV from the eyes of the Creator of the quest.. I had to take clues to solve it.. And I probably badgered him to death... *grins*

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Well I tried my best :) (10 solid hours on phase IV) just could not see the logic.
Otherwise well built but unfair on those who don't know how do go to golemus (most quest seem to be like that). I also think it assumed too much that people think the same way as you do.


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Thank you all for participating in my quest.
44 started and 3 got to the end. Congratz [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img] to all ppl who won and to people who at least had a crack at phase IV. I agree phase IV was very difficult.

Please post your comments in this thread regarding what you think of this quest as a whole. You don't have to finish it if you got to at least phase III then you have at least a very good idea of the total quest. So please comment as it is important to modify my future quests appropriately.

BP :)

@Miq I really appreciate your effort in this regard. Sorry for the fact you did not reach the end.

For the thing regarding the Ivory Lighthouse at GG I don't think its unfair. Everybody know how to get to GG and if you don't know its just a matter of asking. I'm a member of the Guerrilla and I see myself as a citizen of GG. Therefore I think it is important to have GG as small part at least. GG is more accessible to MP3 and MP4 than Necro and sometimes Lore so I think my choice is also correct in this regard

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I tried it and i reached Phase 4 where I got stuck (of course, now that I know the solution I want to kick myself cause it was waay to logic).
Overall I see it as a good quest. It had diversity, it had logic. What I would have done a bit different was to distribute clues in another way (cutler and MasterB have a very efficient way of doing it) or to provide less details but more clues maybe...It was too easy until the 4th phase and then you hit the brick wall smashing your head :D. But on the other hand I don't really like quests where you have to be the first to win the prize. This way we all had the same chances (or almost since nothing can be perfect).

Waiting forward for your new quests since now I know how your mind works and what to expect from you next time :).

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i can pretty much agree to what udgard said, for similiar reasons. like him i got only to part III, but from what i've seen i can say it's a nicely done quest. you did a great job in always giving fast replies, which is especially important in 'first in = first win' quests.

i'd also agree with dst in that being able to earn additional hints could have been nice, but i'm not a fan of buying hints, rather of earning them (small sidequests for additonal hints maybe).

as an aside:
ironically it was the cipher part that got me, so i'd really like to see the solution for the big "doh, why didn't i think of that?"-moment :)

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Since I had a lot of PM's asking for the solution of the quest I decided to post the solution here.

[size="5"][b][u]Solution for Dreams of Mystery[/u][/b][/size]
Phase I
I dont think most of you ppl got through this stage but all most all instead of a few required a clue. The series is a function of (n+1) ^ (n-2).

The next number in the series is 2401.

[color="#008000"][b]Phase II[/b][/color]

You have to find four places in MD with the code word 2401 to get all the ciphers.

The four places where
[*]Fish @ MD Roundabout
[*]Gazebo of Equilibirum
[*]Book @ Clash of Ages
[*]Window Pane @ MDA East Wall

Most of the ppl(even some veterens) found it difficult to find the fourth place.

[color="#800080"][b]Phase III[/b][/color]

This is where the real fun starts in the quest.

The cipher words received at various locations are not in place. So you have to put them in order before you proceed.

The order is given below (This was the first clue.)

2.) QS RW SR
Clue 1:- The words in this message is not in order so you have to put them in order.

The order will be 1.1 3.1 2.1 1.2 1.3 4.1 4.2 2.2 4.3 3.2 2.3 3.3
1.1 mean 1st word of 1

So now the ordering of the words would be changed to

So after the ordering of the words you have to arrange it in such away that we can furthur decompose it by one more level. For that I gave the 2nd clue

[quote]Think of the words as a stream of words without the spaces.

Arrange the stream of words without the space in a 5 column x 11 row matrix and then you will see.

Try to create the words with the same number of chars as in initial cipher.

But remember this will only get you closer not the answer.

Result is another cipher. [/quote]

Most people though this will directly lead to the answer but it did not

We have to arrange the stream of characters in 5 x 11 matrix to start reversing columnar transposition.

The result after the 2nd clue would be

Now we have to reconstruct the string in accordance to the word formation of the above cipher now we should go in a column (We used the rows to create the above block).

After rearranging like columns we get the following


Now this is a ceaser cipher with the RM = TO. Replacing accordingly will get you the correct message and the place you should next head which is the ivory lighthouse. The correct message is


[color="#0000FF"][b]Phase IV[/b][/color]

The code word for the ivory lighthouse is [b]'Its a series'[/b] which will get you to the hardest part of this quest. This part even held one of the best quest solvers (dst) in MD back. May be Mur should give me a medal for that :(

The map and the dream connects at the first location raven hold and the war hold.

From that point onwards we have to check the links of both the dream and the map and construct two cubes.

Btw: Both the map and the dream form a perfect cube.

Then its a matter of finding the corresponding location which means 5, 2 and 7 on the map cube to the dream cube and to find the corresponding location means Tempest from the Map cube.

The final solution is

[b]Map Cube -> Dream Cube [/b]
5 = Fountain of Dark Vibrations
7 = Gates of Ages
2 = Gazebo of Equilibrium
Dream Cube -> Map Cube [/b]
Tempest = Hersey Lane

Its also known as graph isomorphism (one - one and on to graph) in graph theory.

[color="#FF8C00"][b]Phase V[/b][/color]

The code word for all four locations is 'Illusive beams'

Only three people got to this stage. This is just a formality stage and will not last long. One final sentence describes a place to replace the GoA found in the earlier phase.

This was actually a blemish on my part. Coz I thought that GoA would be programmable. I set the quest in motion and them only I got to know from Burnsy that it is not programmable. So that has to be changed with the brick at the Winds Game

Once all the words have been gathered you have to put the message in order. There can be different messages depending on where you put certain words. Any message in the form given below will end the quest and result in a WP being awarded

Dear questor, you have unraveled the mystery of my dream. You will get your just reward.

Note of Thanks
[*]To Burns for setting up the whole quest with clickes all over MD

Any queries or arguments please post in the same thread

Thank you :P

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