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Simple Items And Raw Materials Shop


Simple items and Raw materials shop  

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I think it could be useful and fun for the role-play to have some standard items... like a fishing pole, a net, buckets, bags, cloaks, blankets, traps, hunting knifes, torches, masks, belts, gloves,...

Perhaps it would be a good idea for the crafters to make also standard(simple) items (from raw materials) for silver coins,
beside the special items (from raw materials and standard items) for the wishpoint

What do you think ?

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Here's the problem.

Making items automatically takes the wishpoint. Hence, making "standard items" for silver payment only is not possible with the current system. Well, it could be done if Mur decides it's a good idea and do extra coding for it though..

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No, and NO!

I don't think there should be any 'standard items', and i don't think it should be easy to get a hold of raw materials. period.

The prices people currently want are a joke, but if it's their strategy to make money, why not?
It's not like an item was an essential part of your role...

And while i do think that the few who have all materials should sell them for a 'normal' price, it's after all up to them what they do with them, we had a life before items came, and we can have a life without them even when they are there.

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[quote name='Burns' date='21 January 2010 - 05:45 PM' timestamp='1264092312' post='53201']
we had a life before items came, and we can have a life without them even when they are there.

We had a life before clickables, before spells, before alliances, yet they all helped making MD more interesting, not?

Edit: spelling errors ^_^

Edited by Prince Marvolo
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The idea of unique items doesn't match the coins and pass papers.
Roleplay-wise, it would be easier if people had dozens of items, but nothing not in their inventory list. A lot of existing items don't make much sense to be unique either, like a 'bucket of water'.

Downside: no one has enough WP yet to create separate items for what an adventurer usually carries, from lunch to arrows. So there should be a different method to create/distribute 'ordinary' items. The list of 'ordinary items' is going to be huge too.

I think it would be fun if done well, but there should be a balanced method of acquisition. I'd prefer there to be an interesting economy or quest system instead of a new MD shop category, although a new credit sink is less code work and can't hurt the cash flow.

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I think what Marvolo proposed on a different thread about adding weight to the items and it affecting your action points is a very smart idea

That way we could have a maximum amount of items we can use in order to be able to move around

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Ok i want to state my opinion too regarding this issue..I voted Yes and yes..And i want to explain the reasons..I think Burns (and i guess others as well) attitude in this case is wrong..the "a priori" condemnation of anything new and potentially interesting and the attachment to the "old" system, does not help this game to evolve. It is clear that the "item" system (among others) as it is now it is completely unfunctional and wrong.

SO we are acknowledging the facts but we're not doing anything to change them.. Crafting items from raw material is an idea that could work.. and we are not talking now about the "magical sword that takes souls" out of raw material:blink:...
But alot of things can be made out of wood,iron, ore for a price..From a sledgehammer to a wooden cottage who knows..Imagination people (i guess i made it clear that i dislike the term "standard items " as well)..What will be the use of this items..well only rp-ing comes to mind now..

So a store somewhere in MD (lands of the east for example does nt have to be MB for everything) where you can buy raw material for silver and the ability to craft an item from raw material (for silver again and not WP)...Why not?

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Well, I am not sure about this topic. The main reason why I think that you should still give a WP with it is because we only have a few crafters. They will have a massive inflation on item creation and crafting when we can buy it for silver, and it will also become to 'standart, to posses items.

On the other hand, a wp for an item without useability is exspensive.., but hey if it fits your role than it's worth it!

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I'm not against it because it's new, i'm against it because it's just another addon that's, in the end, disturbing the roles!

Currently, items are something exceedingly special, you get them either as gifts from Mur for playing something, like people got woody's seal fragments, or for paying with a WP, probably the last thing in MD you CANNOT buy with cash. If items were to be made with silver, what does that mean? More alt-abuse with free credsto get silver, craft something and transfer it?
More people who happen to have a coin or two and see a very nice idea, and just go 'hey, me too!', and bang, they have a shiny sword or a telescope or a cube doing something or other with a custom description, too?

I'm not against it because i don't want people to have items, i'm against it because i don't want people to have items just because, without any reason, without any role, without anything that backs them up...
And this is where having easier access to items inevitably leads to, anybody will have anything just because it sounds fancy, not because there is a reason to have it! Without reason, what are things worth? When i look on a person's inventory and they hold a spear, i can expect them to be a warrior who knows how to fight with a spear, when they have a flute, i can expect them to have some musical and/or lyrical gifts, and act accordingly, eg keep a wary eye on the warrior, and ask the musician for help when i need help with a poem or story.
If 'simple things' can be made with low costs, anybody could have the flute, and anybody could have the spear, and it won't tell me the slightest bit about a person anymore

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Just to clarify sthg..I never said that we suddenly should reject the system as it is now (gather ingredients +WP).
On the contrary "special" items should still be created this way (or given to players with a particular role).. what i am suggesting is an add-on, or an enhancement if you prefer. There is a huge discrimination between "Knator Commander's sword" or "Woodin's seal fragments" (and nobody with a common sense can expect to craft such items out of raw material), and a "flute" or "a plow".
And why would someone pay silver to craft a "flute" if not to support his role as musician, or a "plow" if not to support his role as a farmer for example..I wouldn't waste silver to pretend sthg that i am not..And again i want to stress out that we are not talking about "the flute that sings on its own" or "North's flute given to him by the 3rd brother of Khalazdad" but for just a "flute"..Plain as that
In addition to that there is a system to prevent abuse between alts as far as creatures are concerned. The same could apply for items..
Anyway..just a suggestion

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