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Pass Papers - 2 Days No Armor?


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The announcements stated that the Pass Papers would grant you access to the land (no specifying time length) and that you would lose your armor for 2 days, also that it can be reused after 7 days.

Now helpfully there's a little countdown timer on the inventory panel telling me how long till the 7 days is up - love this.

My countdown has 93 hours left on it, started at 168. 2 days into it would have 120 hours remaining, and yet.......i still have no armor. Now this doesnt affect me personally too much, cos i rarely fight, but there's either a descepancy with the announcement or with the fact i still have noarmor.

This isnt just me though, judging by the fact that others who did it at the same time are also still on the Triggers.

As well as this, the papers seem to expire at midnight the day that you activate them, i havent checked this too thoroughly, but i activated at 1500 and by around 0200 i couldnt use the gate anymore. I would suggest that it got altered to a defined time length. If indeed it is midnight that they expire, i'd hate to be the person that might activate them at 2350 and only get 10 minutes without realising, and then get stuck.

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