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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

It was a beautiful Autumn morning as Actraiser, still breathless from his recent battle with Ombra the Great, lay against a tree for a much needed respite.

The morning sun cast elongated shadows upon the countryside. Actraiser paid no attention to this bit of cosmic foreshadowing as he rested his eyes.

He was awakened from his restful slumber by the whinny of a horse, and the sound of hoof-falls in the distance.

Too late, he realized he was under attack. An evil smile played across the attackers face as he charged in for the kill! He saw how weakened Actraiser was and knew this was to be an easy victory.

What was our hero to do?

Standing tall, Actraiser braced himself for the attack, and met the dark charger head-on.

The look of evil triumph on the attackers face soon turned to fear as he realized the target he had chosen may have been weakened, but was by no means weak.

Sweat stinging his eyes from both panic and exertion, the dark charger battled on; he had foolishly committed himself, and now he was in it for the long haul.

The dark charger scored a few telling blows, but all for naught. He was taking far more damage then he thought possible against such a weakened force. But still, he battled on. No longer for glory and slaughter, but for survival! Never before had he misjudged an opponent to this extent!

In the grip of fear he swung wildly, desperately trying to find an escape from this devastating onslaught.

And in that moment, everything seemed to stop. No longer could he hear the wind blowing through the crevasses in his dark helm. The sun seemed to lose its brilliance. He realized he was lying in the meadow... in the same spot he found his quarry. Then darkness engulfed him, and he knew no more.

And that is the story of how Antitalent bit off more than he could chew :)

Not a great victory, but a very satisfying one.

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  • 3 months later...

Creature Experience reward for Avrion - Losing player

Joker gaines 18 Xp

Water Guardian II gaines 18 Xp

Water Guardian I gaines 18 Xp

Hollow Warrior gaines 18 Xp

Creature Experience reward for Eldrad - Winning player

Aramor Warrior gaines -33 Xp and a won battle

Hollow Warrior gaines -33 Xp and a won battle

Elemental II gaines -33 Xp and a won battle

Dark Archer II gaines -33 Xp and a won battle "

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