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Pass Papers For Mb



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  • Root Admin

Currently MB is the open land, It has No gates for people to be allowed access. But it does have some areas that a normal person cannot access.

I Propose that MB get some Land papers so that people that have them may visit some of the more secret locations in MB. It would be fairer so that MB has papers similar to the other lands.

It would allow access into sages keep, the press and several other "storymode" locations.

What does everyone else think?

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I'd allow certain storymode, but I'd say not sage's keep, or only sage's keep and minor places.

That's because the LR one opens backdoor, so I'd propose either:

Storymode like fenth and champions challenge etc,

Or fenth, Champions Dome, and Sage's Keep, but not challenge.

It's just that given how lore/necro/gg don't give access to all the same should apply here.

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Shadow that is backwards logic. The whole point to this is that MB is already open to all players, with select places that very few can access, where as the other lands are not accesible except to the select few. Now MB citizens can acces MB all they want, but don't have papers. If MB citizens get papers they should gain access to places others cannot go.

It's either that or lock the gates, and let noone in, and give the citizens passes.

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Do Necro papers give access to places in Necro other people can't go to? Or Loreroot papers? As far as I know they just open the gates. Why should MB get anything more? Is it really needed? Would it be used? A citizen of Necro might not be able to get in there without papers, and a citizen of GG could get in, but not out. A lower MP level citizen may not be able to get into Loreroot without papers. All MB citizens can get into MB, as far as I know.

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Well this can turn into circles. So you, Totenkopf, like to visit places with your papers other citizens don´t can. But then this can be claimed for all other lands as well, yet Loreroot is open to all as well, and where is the benefit of the papers for them? Simply useless imho. I do support this idea, don´t get me wrong. I just want to point out this need to be chosen wisely and fair to other paper owners. You could maybe make the papers to use to get to the angiens shrine maybe for example.

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