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Homing Items

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Since server is down and hosting is not responding, i will write a bit about what i did today.

Homing items, well, its possible now. I have a few ideas that might change md a lot in the future, for example:

- pet items, you feed them with heat or me, or with creatures, they can weaken enemies or simply be cute. They have a fixed number of uses. While in your possession the number resets every time it reaches zero, but when they give them to someone, they will return to you once they are used a given number of times.

- homing pigeons, owls ... :P You could give them to someone then when used they would return to you and their description would have a text written by the one that set them free. Of course there is no practical purpose because we have pms ..but maybe for a quest or something...

- Tool renting. There could be a place where you could rent tools for different things. You pay something for them, like one silver, or other items (supposing there will be many raw material items), or for free, and you could use that tool for a limited number of time. Once its used entirely it would reset back to its "base", reset, and be ready for an other player to use it.

- torch competition. Heheh...this one is related to somethign bigger and you will see when time comes. Nice part is that without this feature some things that i planned long ago would not be possible, yet back then i was not expecting such a thing.

There are obviously a lot of new items possible. I just built myself a heat-to-vitality conversion device. It lets you store heat (that drops 1 per sec) and you can activate it whenever you want and heal anybody with that same amount of Ve. It has also the homing feature and limited use, so its very likely i will be passing my new toy around for some of you to test.

Right now server is dead, and i am at the edge of eating my keyboard out of frustration, so i cant think streight about more possible uses, but i knwo there are.

one question is most important. Economy or not economy, should there be raw items, and a sort of industry to convert and use them, and together with that skills such as mining, crafting of all sorts and such? I am a bit afraid of making that part of the game. Economy leads to abuse, and in time will need a lot of "continuation" i will not be able to provide ... (because i will be always working on stuff i enjoy and never on stuff i should).

So its difficult to decide. For now i will be playing with the new toys and try to find a way to keep them balanced, or more towards the unefficient side. Items still have an importance just as such, without their use, so their use can remain on the luxury side for a while.

Now, this is outrageos, server still down...i'm so gonna kill somebody/thing/....argggg

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[quote]- homing pigeons, owls ... :P You could give them to someone then when used they would return to you and their description would have a text written by the one that set them free. Of course there is no practical purpose because we have pms ..but maybe for a quest or something...[/quote]

This sounds wonderful! I roleplay with an owl all the time, and perhaps if he could physically do something (transfer items from different location, spy on scenes in different lands, etc.) it would make life in MD more exciting.

I notice that a number of players have pets and perhaps were they to actually exist our characters would become more versatile.

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and just so it doesnt sound like spam, I'll add on that howl thing as well. It will benefit rp very much, you could actually send an 'owl' instead of putting branches in a pm like [bird comes to you carrying a scroll]

but will the owner had to be in same place to transfer it like the rest of the items, or not?

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Im sorry Im not sure If i understood...May the tool renting can be used for raw material extraccion? That will be interesting. :)
There could be locations for renting different types of tools, accordingly to the sort of raw materials located in that particular land or area.
On the subject of Economy... There will allways be people trying to abuse, I would recomend to create certain rules or limits to prevent people from abusing, hoarding etc.

I would say, give Economy a chance :D


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This is in response to translating potions:

A few points.

1. I've never met a computer translator I like. It's never quite right, and you can always tell that the awkward sentences are not not right. Sometimes it's downright impossible to understand it.

2. So instead of an online translator (google translator? I'm taking a guess you used that one), why not have a cypher potion? So translate someone's word using maybe something as simple a caesar cipher to the more complicated Vigenère cipher, or even ROT13.

3. Building on the last item, you could even let people decide how it would alter speech. Perhaps even let there be coding? I'm sure people could get creative, and in the right hands, abused, but it's all temporary anyways.


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