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Citizen entails a number of things.
First of all you are saying that you agree to obey the rule of that land and also to do what you can to defend and help it.
The next thing is that you will take on the bonuses and drawbacks of the land alliance. So you will gain some bonuses to stats, but also the land timer and ap,ve,vp that comes with that. However, you are not in an alliance.
If you understand this and are still happy to proceed let me know.
One more thing.
I can only make one person a citizen every 3hrs and you must be in the same location as me at the time.

If you are in an alliance in Loreroot you are already a citizen and need not apply. Equally if you join an alliance in Loreoot that also means you become a citizen. So essentially joining an alliance also means you join the land as a citizen.

If you are confused and want to know if you are a citizen its simple enough. Check where it tells you your MP level and it will show it there.

For example:

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Iwish to become a citizen of Loreroot. Many of my close friends reside here and call this place home I wish to defend the forest and the very essence of nature that Loreroot holds so dearly. You have my allegiance to this Mysterious and wonderful land.

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From time to time I may ask to speak to citizens. Its important that you respond when asked. I also get tired of getting messages about people looking for me, but making little effort to actually contact me themselves. I spend a few hours at the Root of the Matter Inn almost everyday. I am also around and about in MD. You should be checking the Inn for me at any rate. More to the point however, it is a simple matter to add me to your friends list and that way you can reach me by PM whenever and where ever you are.

One more point.

When sending PMs please check the tags and try to choose an appropriate one. I am getting increasingly annoyed with people selecting any old thing at all. More often than not I feel that people are doing this out of pure laziness or because they think its funny. If you want to be lazy or funny, then expect it in return i.e. I won't respond to your message.
This may seem harsh, but the tags are there to help me keep track of things and manage things better and more efficiently. I also paid to get them and took the time to set them up.

Also, if you have a problem you need to contact me about it ASAP. If you leave it for a month or choose to let it bug you for ages before spilling out in a rant, well you can be pretty sure it won't get much consideration.

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