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Just to make it clear, I am not a fan of this MP3 owning thing. The only thing I like about MP3 is ritual building. So I won't change my stand on MP3 being an exciting tactics battlefield. Sadly, tokens ruin that thought. I don't mind strong crits, they're not that scary.
Secondly, I write mostly based on observation, so if someone thinks I give wrong info, please do tell.

[quote]Then, here's the question: if there is no limit, where's the point? the whole cap-thingy has been lead ad absurdum with xp-free wins, and when there is no maximum to get out of it, it's no minmaxing[/quote]

Why train stats for months when you can get a token by using 1cred? And your stats are worthless during HC anyway. This is the trend for most MP3 alts.
Personally, stat grinding at MP3 is a total waste of [a lot of] time. It will only lead to frustration.

[quote]it's just 'who spends more time at his computer'.[/quote]

Assuming that my statement about stats and tokens are agrreable, I will add that training principles is not very time consuming. I think that reason is good enough for someone struggling at MP5 to settle at lower MPs.
Actually, setting my statement aside, that might truly be the reason for low leveling. Because they can't beat people like you who spent much more time in front of the computer than them.

BTW, won't all this all be futile if your target audience won't state their side? How will you know if they're even listening? I've seen a lot of tokened MP3 alts, but never heard of even one person defend them. So I do hope they speak up.

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If you want to be the best, then why go for beating ants if you could be beating giants?
We get bored of grinding eventually, you know... not much reason to do it from some point onwards...

There'll always be someone who can beat you, whether you are on mp3 or on mp5 is no difference for that.
But there is a difference in whether newcomers notice that everlasting struggle or not.

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Once you get to certain level combat becomes mostly luck based, which is annoying to say the least. The aura's in MD are too messed up for there to be much strategy to it. If you really think about it though, is there any reason to go MP5? Torches is based on MP level and doesn't have rewards yet, not to mention hardly any people to fight. You can quest on MP3 and get WP just as easily as MP5, you can role play just the same and if you're strong (or even if you aren't) you can join an alliance. I personally don't see there being much motivation at all.

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Dear sir Burns, the newby that you quoted did not linger in mp3 and has advanced to mp4 some time ago. I did not step my foot at GGG at mp3. Just to get that straight. ;)

So basicaly, I am sorry but your thoughts about how I might think at mp3 are inacurate.

Thank you.

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