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Bubble Wrapped!


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Ok so, I recently got a Reindrach Mug and it came with bubble wrap!! :D

Here's the contest, the bubbles are in a 10(rows)x49(columns) sheet, and I popped 3 of them. Your job is to pop one and see if that was the one I popped. You may enter as many times as you want AS LONG as [s]20[/s] [s]10[/s] 5 different people posted between your posts. The rewards are: [s]1 Pimped Grasan with claw II and Blood Drop II tokens and 55 age, 1 pimped Grasan with Claw II token and 55 age, and the third is a Pimped Grasan of 69 age[/s], courtesy of Handy Pockets. Correct posts would be along the lines of:

I choose column 5, row 5.
I pop the bubble at column 5, row 5.

If you do not state whether row or column, I will not take your choice seriously.

Oh, say if your post #5 and then only 4 people post until you post #10, whatever you popped for post #10 is still free game.

So count carefully, good luck, and have fun popping those bubbles!

EDIT: rows and columns start from top left at 1,1, rows going down, columns going to the right.
And yes, I have A LOT of self control and did not pop them all.

Additional EDIT: Thanks for the little bits of criticism from everyone so far to make it clearer!

ADDITIONAL EDIT: WINNING BUBBLES ARE IN ROWS [s]2[/s],[s]4[/s],and [s]9[/s] SHHHHHHH Don't tell :P

Kyuu is the first winner picking the: Pimped Grasan with Claw II and Blood Drop II tokens and 55 age.
Manda is second picking the: Pimped Grasan with Claw II token and 55 age.
Mr Mystery is third picking the: Pimped Grasan with 69 age, courtesy of Handy Pockets.

Congrats to all the Winners!!!

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