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Who Loves Loreroot


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Loreroot is home, for one named [i][b]Lady Dawn[/b][/i], as heart feels with the land and its inhabitans. There one feels calm and safe, may it be siting on the Mistletoe Bridge or in the corner of Defensive Quaters, laying in the grasses under the Moon, listening to the whispers of the forrest or casting ones gaze into shadows between the proud trees, searching for the unknown. When-ever one is far away from the land, one hopes to swiftly return back home and when such is done her heart and soul rejoyce.


For one named [i][b]Lady Dusk[/b][/i], Loreroot is [u]not[/u] a place of rest, nor relaxation. The vibrant greens and bursting life disturbs her, as she casts doubtful glances amist the branches. Curiosity shall one make to step inside in future tho, for she can sense dimness under rich treetops, but that is all, curiosity and nothing more.

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[font="Verdana"][color="#0000FF"]*laughs* [/color][/font]
[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#696969"]Nim, I already told you that you can always sit by my side.
I'm NOT gonna move up!

Yup, you may say that I like Loreroot.
Stag Crossing in particular.

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