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Wtb Fresh Angien Eggs


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@ Chewett

ehem ehem..

actually, i'm really to use those eggs and get them to level 2 (only) for sacrificing purposes. i am at mp4, and just 3,278 exp 'til i reach my cap and i can't plant too many seeds and sac them.. and i'm not that ready and not that prepared to advance to mp5 with a personal VE just equal to any mp5's CREATURE VIT.

it's just the only way i can do in order for me to gain VE, and i hope there will be no malice on my plan.

or if you are that generous enough, you can give me a WP, and yeah, i won't buy those eggs anymore.

that's all i have to say now, thank you



i have a total of 22 creature slots, and i even sacrificed creatures (and will sacrifice all remaining crits i have if needed, except a special creature i am taking care of) just to stay away from cap.

and i'll get straight to the point: i'm not desiring to be the best player in the game with those angiens. my intention is just to shape my character so i won't just be an ordinary ant when i go to mp5, but an ant with muscles (that's why i am also always at the GGG).

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