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Logout Cooldown Strange


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greetings to all.. i tryed to log in this morning but after i insterted my user and pass one time i was unable to login and this screen apeared..

i know that this screen sometimes apears if you log out and try to log in instantly but this was my first time log in this morning.. so does this means that my account is beeing hacked ??? or it is a glitch ??? can someone confirm it?

thanx in advance

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  • Root Admin

Please dont assume your account is "being hacked" every single time something strange happens

If you notice your crits are gone, or something has changed then then you cna start saying someone has got your password.

It could just be a peculiarity of MD, if it happens again or you notice things gone from your account, say so. Otherwise i would just forget it and label it as one of MD's oddities

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I think this has the same concept as the 'interface window deactivated' thing. You know, when you're not doing anything wrong and that just appears. It also happens to me when my connection momentarily stops/gets interrupted.

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Here is my scenario:you logged in and after a while you logged out (a while meaning around 10 minutes). Log out doesn't always count for the cooldown timer (it happens to me a lot) so when you tried to log back in you still have the timer from the first log in.
Can you confirm after how long you've logged out? If yes then the above explanation stands, if not then...you probably experienced a glitch or something similar.

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