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I'm coming to the USA for a few weeks (NASA-organized project so that means no visitors, no internet) and i just wanted to ask for a pretty simple thing.

When the LR items are launched, i would like to ask the players that get "Pendant of The Oracle" or/and "Obsidian orbs" to keep them for THEMSELVES until i return. In case you see a "newb" with these items, please buy them from the newb, i will give back the price you paid(i need proof of how much you paid, a screenie and a "declaration" from some witnesses, so be prepared)+ a little bonus for retrieving the items. I will give substantial rewards to anyone that gets me these two items. (assuming they are actually launched....). I will be back on 9th March.
Anyway, i hope i can rely on you people for this little thing.
And... see you soon!

(regarding the items, all similar items apply. So if it's not named "pendant of the oracle" but "necklace of the oracle" whatsoever, it's the item i requested. not same applies for the orbs, they have to be made of obsidian. otherwise they can be "marbles" or anything similar)

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