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MagicDuel Lottery!!!

I am thinking of starting an MD Lottery... Sounds crazy i know but hear me out first.

Lottery Regulations

1. Lottery Ttickets Cost 1 SC
2. Buyer sends me Their 4* Number Lucky Combo. In Form of a PM In-Game or Forum Between Monday and Tuesday Along With a SC when I am onine.
3. I will then use Wednesday and Thursday to Arrange The Numbers
4. Friday use number generator to get a winner*
(Prizes- First Prize will be a Rustgold Drachorn) Then once I have a Jackpot with what i got from the Rustgold There will be a weekly Winner
5. In case of a tie winners split the Money
6. I will stay with 1% of The Profits which means for every 100 SC i get one... IDK might change depending on The Publics Concerns.
7.*** A few Changes the chances of winning are low so when every we DO have a winner he/she will get the Entire Jackpot. When we dont the jackpot will be split between players that match 3 of 4 numbers. For Example: Winning Numbers 0293 I Matched X293 I will get 10% of the jackpot along with anyone else whom got the last three digits. The remaining will be carried over to next week jackpot.

Basically thats it i wish to get some feed back please...

*Means Changes

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You'd be better off using a random number generator, i'm sure there's a way to put one in a clicky to prevent ideas that you're picking the numbers yourself. the random person might have a vested interest in a particular set of numbers, a random number generator doesnt

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[quote name='Juni0r' date='27 February 2010 - 09:43 PM' timestamp='1267328590' post='55449']
6. I will stay with 1% of The Profits which means for every 10 SC i get one... IDK might change depending on The Publics Concerns.

1% is 1 in 100, not 1 in 10.

There should be a range for the numbers depending on your expected number of entries.

Do you intend to keep the pot if nobody wins the lottery? Or will you somehow ensure a winner?

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So you know, 1% would be 1 coin out of every 100, so you're actually proposing to take 10%...not that I see a problem with that or anything

Would the numbers be anything, or would there be a specific range? Because any five numbers at all sounds quite ridiculous to me.

And I agree, use a random number generator, or do something like: The number of people for one number, the number of tickets bought for another (unless there's only one per person), the number of people online at any given time for another number, etc.

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  • Root Admin

What are you basing it on? the normal lottery?

If so then only "lucky" people will play since i dont fancy the massively small odds

Well, good for you Junior, you will make a lot of money, and since there are so few players you might never have to actually give out any prizes. Definitely a sure "con" money maker.

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well to answer ur questions i guess yes a number generator would be better thanks

i missed a zero :)

and lets say there is no winner it will be same as the real lottery and the money will be carried over to next weeks pot.

Chewett you always see the wrong in people :P but no lets say theres no winner the pot will continue there untill there is a winner.

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There should be a solution to the 'no winner part, about this game.

Everyone enters the game by sending you a silver, and sending you a message, the first one to send you a message recieved the number 1, the second number 2, and so on. when using the random number generator you only enter the numbers for how many people attend. This way there will always be a winner, more chance of winning and more people attending..

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If you set the generator to pick 4 numbers when run and store them for everyone to see on the clickable, then surely that works? You could then have winning numbers for previous weeks for people to see.

Especially if someone else codes it, if we really dont trust Jun that much.

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What is the number range? 1 - 10 for all 4 numbers, no repeats?

Also, just have to have one trustworthy person to use something like: http://www.random.org/quick-pick/?tickets=1&lottery=4x10.0x0
(I set it up using the URL to pick 4 numbers up to a value of 10, with no repeating integers)

The person just has to click it once, screen cap it, then post it.

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[quote name='Chewett' date='28 February 2010 - 06:50 PM' timestamp='1267379444' post='55499']
And how can we trust its not fixed?

There is NO way of showing its actually random
If it runs for a year, afterwards you can use statistics to check the likelihood that it was indeed random. Quite crappy, but it can be done.

However, what's more tricky is getting the right odds and having an overview of the revenue. If you want 1% profit, I'd suggest using one random number from 1-100. If nobody wins, you take 2%, rounded down, and put the rest into the reward for next week, otherwise you distribute everything to the winners. Seems like the easiest way to have decent odds and a small profit (expected to be slightly larger than 1.12%). Other options: choosing 3 numbers from 0-10, no repeats, sequence irrelevant: P= 1/120; choosing 5 non repeating non sequenced from 1-9: P= 1/126.
Overview of the balance... there was mention of clickies holding items, but unless I missed an announcement that hasn't been implemented yet? Is there any way to make code visible to others, so they can verify it?

Btw, lottery is naught but a tax on not understanding statistics. It's one of the most widely accepted cons in existence.

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