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Farewell, Lazarus

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I won't be present here in MagicDuel anymore as I have lots of serious problems going on in my life now, one being of me getting into a really huge problem. I may or may not come back, but one thing will be for sure and I know most of you doesn't care about my issue at the moment because all of you hates me for what I did, and I don't care either, I just want to say the reason about me leaving MD.

Tonight I left my character, Lazarus, to rest eternally on the Deathmarrow and he decided to give his soul into the wholeness of Necrovion. These are his last words:

[color="#48D1CC"]: Lazarus takes his final walk into the Deathmarrow
Lazarus: Although I will be gone, you and I will remain one
Lazarus: Bound by dark soul, as hard as a steel Maul
: Lazarus disappears[/color]

To those few people who believes in me knows what I am talking about, and I really thank you all for all your help and understanding, for those who do not and those who can't let go of the past and still looks back on the previous things that I did, well I don't care about you guys and I am so glad that I pissed all of you off. I won't be missed and won't leave any memories and I'm happy about it.

Good evening, farewell, and happy Dueling...

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I did not know you in the times when you did all that as you say, some cant forget but this post shall not be of it.

From the moment we meet in game you were kind and helpful. After we started to talk over yim you became even more helpful and you have basicaly gave me much larger insight into MD matters than any (not that otherd didnt help with it). I am grateful for that. Furthermore, I cheerish the fact that you told me straight away what you did in your past on MD and I believe that you know that I never judged you upon it. I told you my opinion of you and I told just the same to anybody that asked.

I enjoyed our talks, if they were md based or not, funny or philosophical and I for sure will miss those chits-chars for sure, heck, I already am. I wish it would have lasted longer, but wishes rearly became truth...

I sincerly hope that your rl situation solves out to best outcome and that I will hear from you again. If we realy never will chat again, then I wish you all the best and I thank you for everything.


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I'm saddened to see you leave, I've said my farewells and my good byes in PM, and I should hope you will return someday.

I want to say, continue to create artwork.. you are incredibly talented at what you do and it would be a very sad thing to see such talent go to waste.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]I enjoyed talking to you when I had the chance. I hope things work out for you. Do continue with your drawing. It was beautiful work.

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