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Public Challenge - Log Review Room

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

Its the first competition to go without a winner.

Now the results that are worth mentioning:

(creative ideas that could be right but are not in this case)

they are too long to post here, but most interesting answers involved a relation between those locaitons and a principle, the spherical/circle shapes, and the night that is missing. Also rRen found a relation between the locations and the MD symbol, nice. Unfortunatly those ideas could be applied to many other locations too and at least one or two of the presented one had no connection to that anyway.
Names: Shadowseeker, *Awiiya*, Mya Celestia, Rendril Revant

Some of you sent me realy long and elaborate answers, but that doesnt mean they were interesting or right. There were many answers that were interesting one way or the other, i just selected a few, Sorry if i missed any (but i read them all)

(i will keep authors anonymous)

[quote]Those pictures are there because that's where they're supposed to be ![/quote]
[quote]Because we love those places.[/quote]

@Lifeline you were so close, just that after making the right conclusions you draw line and stated the wrong answer, sorry.

@Grido, Shadowseeker, Dst, Jester - you had most chances to discover it. It was a change i did in 10minutes tops, i told you to investigate like police, all you did was to stay there and make assumptions. If you were just considering i had so little time to do it, you would have realised none of youe complicated answers could be right.

@Awiiya, Lifeline, I am bored - you and probably others i missed seeing, actualy followed a trail i left. If you only entered the temple following the postman you would have seen the clue i left there...but...160 ap or so, to much to do right? Awy when you spoted mur hidden in one of those locations i thought you will win

@Shadowseeker - you were so so close to the answer once in chat, but then i switched subject and you totaly forgot your own right question. More focus next time.

@Sajura Oninay - you put the right question, Who is watching and recording those locations... to bad i was asking for the answer of that. Anyway, the rst of you didnt realised it was someone watching them and thats why they show up there.

[b]@I am bored, Blackwoodforest[/b] - you were the ones to get realy close to the answer. In fact, Iab answer is almost right but i cant award it because it is too vague and is missing the point. It might even be right by mistake, since i talk in many many locations. I name Iab answer becaues Judge yourself:

[quote]I am bored:
the connection is that you have spoken in one form or another in each of the locations, and it is still in the memory of the server.[/quote]

I assume, the picture shows per click a random player location,means, that one player it at this location at that time. And I suppose it has something to do with your alliance, maybe only your alliance members.

Its hard to determine best SECOND answer, since none is correct anyway.
All you needed to do was to investigate those locaitons and see what is special about what you find there. For example.
- how many of you can go to fields of fear? yet it was shown there.
You needed
- I loged in with postman, knaty, shade sentinel, morpheus, king manu .. i havent done so in ages!
- lr back exit is and always will be knatys place. i even pointed out that he is showing up in the scene if i log him in, some of you noticed it but moved on to more elaborated explanations missing the obvious.
- Some of you investigated one or the other location, one way or an other you all had the clues scattered one piece with each, but one prize so you coulldn't afford to collaborate and put them all together.

The pictures show what these accounts see. Accounts that are well known as my characters and with great importance to the history of md.
"Muratus del Mur",******,"The Postman","Shade Sentinel","Summoned Army","King Manu","Knator Commander","Morpheus"

If you think about this , it wasn't that hard afterall, especially since i logged them all in daily. You made the mistake to analyze the locations and missed the point that they can show something not only "show themselves".
The emerging question was a bit harder. If 7 out 8 show locations where these characters were, that gives one more position uncounted for.
Mur was invisible (but thats normal), and he was at the log review room because he was talking there. The log review room was the blank scene on the wall! Yet there was one more location shown, where no character was visible..or maybe too many, the ggg. Now you could have assumed that one of the characters in ggg was one of my alts you don't know about, or that there is an other invisible character..
Since there is no winner , i will not "gift" you the answer to that question..too bad :rolleyes:

Initially this competition was a private contest at first between Jester, Grido, Shadowseeker and Dst that happend to be in that place when i was testing this so they had the first series of tries. During it, i anticipated that their correct answer will be the 4th try, and for your amusament i am sharing it with you so you decide the coincidence on your own:

[quote]"*From: Jester (ID:77557)
*sent 3 days and 11 hours ago
My answer is.......
[i]What is a Mur.[/i]
(No connection I can find between them)"[/quote]

It basically is a question that is more close to the answer than the other answers, since all those accounts are mine, but it was meant as a joke and it doesn't sound as a clear answer to be a winner. Still funny coincidence.

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Ugh..I had that thought once, but it...seemed wrong.

Heck, you using the accounts in those location seemed like you trying to put a fake hint, distracting us even...Guess I think too complicated. But the only thing you gave for sure was the pictures in the Log Room, so here I think that anything else cannot be accounted for.

For curiosity: There's no reward at all now? I remember the announce stating there will be some kind of. I would appreciate the puzzle medal myself, but guess that's asking too much for without giving the expected answer.

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Ouch ! I got Burned :):D ! But in my defense I did leave a small explanation :(

Second defense:
This is my first public challenge i was part of! I hand't seen others before. I had no ideea I was supposed to go out and search those locations and that you's log into several accounts to leave clues. Seeing this from a VERY different perspective, I just thought ALL you needed to do is posses some knowldge and JUST give an answer. Since I didn't posses most of that knowledge I just hurried up to give an answer to HAVE at least a SHOT of some prize :)

Anyway ... I learned my lesson ....
Next challenge i shall not rush as i did on this one :)

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so i should have gone to the lands of the east.... you really need to make a combo that goes there from the goe pillars.... it's how i go to mda! i never actually walk to mda... though i do have to walk back.... oh and if anyone had been paying attention to the chat last night i had made a hint on what i had guessed and the hint stayed in the chat as i did it rather late at night... or well for mur it would be very early in the morning...., but there wasn't even any discussion over it....

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arrrrrr, i even had several conversations with people that you'd "randomly" logged in your alts!!!

and especially with the conversation we were having just before....ARRRGGGG *bangs head on table repeatedly*

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  • Root Admin

I am bored and Blackwoodforest, since you were the closest to the answer, you will get a reward. Iab, if i know right you still have accounts in prison, thats why your reward will be first to get these (max 3!) out of there. Sorry but i can't reward someone thats in prison, so first thing is to get out. PM me accounts you want out.

Blackwood you get a wp.

The rest, sorry, next time. I wished i gave a medal but without a right answer I wont give a medal for a second best.

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