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Combat/fighting Timer



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Short attack cooldown(8mins) and less protection (save for 8mins against same player)
+ good for training because only 8mins wait for another attack
+ protection might not be needed because of sanctuaries or ggg for example
- little protection in head contest for example, very vulnerable at public events outside of sanctuaries because u can get attacked all 8 mins by the same player

Long attack cooldown(25mins) and high protection (save for 25mins against same player)
+ hight protection in head contest, rather save at public events outside of sanctuaries because u can get attacked all 25mins only by the same player
+ training isnt really resourceful with token around
- bad for training because 25mins wait for another attack

if anybody can think of more reasons please state them and discuss the topic.

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- easily abused for 'training'
- not much chance to avoid constant hits

+ more hunting
+ more chance to recover a bit

I like the way as it is now, with allies having that slight advantage, but i wouldn't mind all people having more time, say 15 minutes, before you can attack them again, and allies 30, or even the 25 of nowadays...

I'm no friend of limits, but i think they are necessary, not only so people have a chance to recover, but also, an these days more than ever, to make sure people can't use them to train on alts like they do -.-

edit: then again, it seems a little disappointing to newbies when they find a victim and can't attack it as they wish, so i think as long as there are only little people around to hunt, short timer has some advantages over long...
Which doesn't change my mind about prefering the long one, though.

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I have to agree with Orlando on this one, I like the timers how they are with only some people having to take time before they can be attacked.

If you get enough people in one place (about 10) you can often be making almost constant attacks with only short pauses right now, but if it was a longer timer it would be incredibly boring.

A change to the timers would only harm MD.

If it ain't broke, don't break it.

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