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Md Is Down

Muratus del Mur

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This is entirely my fault.
I was performing a mysql/apache/php upgrade on my own, assuming it will work and it obviously didnt.
I don't think the damage is to big, but since the situation with the hosting is kind of tensed right now, i dont expect they will see it that way.

Anyway, data is safe, just sites are down. Weird thing is that all services are running fine. I suspect that it is a dns issue and i should have started some kind of service i never heard of.

Good thing forum is separated. Now i shall go and slowly suicide fearing the negative response from hosting.

I am way to tired to wait for a reply now, they will probably do so tomorow anyway (omfg its sunday?!?!?!)..or monday O.o. If it goes back up in the next 10 hours or so can someone from Romania sms me please (***number removed***)? I will constantly check of course but just in case i fall asleep to much and miss it. It will probably come back with lots of erros.


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removed number
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stuff happens Mur, dont fret about it, if people are so petty about such things, they should take a step back and look at themselves in a different light. your doing an excellent job, no complaints from me, except about heads comp.*quote* with a grin, its so unfair.. keep up the good work.

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