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I'm Dying...

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Gotcha didn't I?

I'm kind of getting scared thinking what people are going to do to me today Oo

Anyways, what are YOU going to do this April Fools day?

Or, depending on the time you read this, what did you do?

Or, even what was said/done to you.

No getting ideas from here >.>... OK, maybe take an idea if it's any good :)

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what I'm doing for April's fools day in the office:
1. i brought an extra suit and two extra sets of different coloured shirts and ties to work and keep changing throughout the day - it has already psyched out a lot of people that have seen me more than once, as they keep getting odd feelings that something's out of place and keep coming to see me for no real reason or asking me if i've done something to my hair :)
2. i've put up through the office Illuminati-style signs signed "The Mgt.", such as "This area is temporarily closed for maintenance, please do not enter. - The Mgt." on random doors. including toilets :D

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