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Am Stuck In Gg

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I am stuck in Golemus due to the labyrinth, which I took for exploration of the map during my free time. I am currently waiting in GG for the next TC on the 8th. I do not know what the TC is and/or what I am supposed to do. I only know that it is my only way off of GG. Any advice and/or help much is appreciated, thank you.

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Well i just seen this

Was away the last 2 days.

I dont always remove people from Golemus as there is a warning at
the maze telling you that you will get stuck. Remeber the players with
send to GoE have only 5 castings.

The only ones with more are the LHO's
Now i have 3 castings left so i will only use them if i have to
It is not a matter of beeing nice or beeing meen. If you faile to read the warning
then be it on your own head if you get stuck

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[quote name='awiiya' date='07 April 2010 - 08:10 PM' timestamp='1270671000' post='57788']
And I'm not an LHO anymore, so that leaves just Grido.Awi

*cough* i rescued him and since im a Lho it cant just be grido :blink:

Closed. The issue has been resolved, open another one if you think its nessary.

[color=purple]....and Akasha is as well :cool: - Grido [/color]

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