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Wts Creatures (Yard Sale)


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Want to sell
1, 1* UP with Black Diamonds(age 334)
[s]2, 1* Lorerootian Archer with claw 1 (age 367)[/s] (Sold)
[s]3, 1* Elemental V with Black Diamonds (age 367)[/s] (Sold)
[s]4, 1* Walking Tree with Blood Drop 1 (age 367)[/s] (sold)
[s]5, 1* Walking Tree with Kelletha Fire (age 325)[/s] (Sold)
6, 2* Walking Tree with claw 1 (age 325)
7, 1* Walking Tree with claw 1 & Blood Drop III (age 325)
[s]8, 1* Knator War Master with Stardust (age 367)[/s] (Sold)
9, 1* UP with Claw 2 (age 334)
10, 1* angien with Stardust (age 15)
[s]11, 1* Elemental V with Enlightening (age 367)[/s] (Sold)
12, 1* UP with Emeral Glare (age 334)
[s]13, 1* Water Daimon with Claw II & Enlightening (age 369)[/s] (Sold)
[s]14, 1* Pimped Armor (aged 320)[/s] (Sold)
[s]15, 1* Joker (aged 300)[/s] (Sold)

Nothing fancy here, but just want to clear out my creatures. They are special for their tokens.
PM me or reply to post with your offers.

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