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I do think the term "original art" applies here Beta. One big point of this game is originality, Internet art maybe nice but if we were allowed to do that the shop might very well get flooded with images you could just as easily look up on google.Sorry but I'd have to say drawn out art by yourself or someone else who understands MD and the look of the avatars is better then preposted images.

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Technically you are allowed to "hire" an artist / get a friend / to do your MD stuff, i don't mind that. Problem is i need a very sure way to know thy were done for md and not stolen by you. Thats why i need a high resolution scan sent on email so i can confirm you have the original. If you have the original, you can use it.

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High res scan on e-mail? Was this a specific request, or some new requirement I (and probably others) missed?

btw - BFH and I are working closely together, don't be surprised by some style cross-overs.

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