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The Slow Worm


The Slow Worm  

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Point 1. Like many other lizards, slowworms also shed tails (autotomy) by breaking one of their tail vertebrae in half, as a defence mechanism. The tail regrows, but remains smaller.

Ow sounds painful!? suggested reading topic - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pain

Point 2. I wonder what the latin name means...

Oh but wait it, it means something else! http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A2998443

Point 3. The females give birth to live young (ovoviviparous birth). In the days leading up to birth the female can often be seen basking in the sun on a warm road.

They are common in gardens and can be encouraged to enter and help remove pest insects by placing black plastic or a piece of tin on the ground.

People actually want these things?? (my personal opionin is that they seem quite cool now, but id Never get near one, they scare me! :blush:)

(hmm wonder if Addy's shedding sand is like that, that he can lose limb and have it regrow? what is addy made from anyway??)
indyra, does your tail regrow if i pulled it off? i mean...not me, i err if it got say stuck in the golemus mills machinery for err example!

How addy uses sand (can a mod use this as a button to open when people click it, i can reward one silver, i know ts not your job...but it will be helpful)

Addy: anyway,so I can change a table into a muffin,but the muffin will taste like the table...so I now keep a flask of sand which containes the sand I got from breaking fir's muffins..:)
addy: now I am a mobile muffin factory...though I have very little sand left..enough for just one muffin..
Asterdai: in a way you could "shed skin" like a limb to escape from people who are chasing you
Asterdai: if they grab on to an arm!
Asterdai: ooo i wonder if indyra's tail can do that!
Asterdai: if it is lizard like?
addy: lol aster,I dont regrow things,I can cut my arm,then break something else into sand and use that sand to reform it as my hand.
addy: but I can do this... *his right hand breaks into sand and begins to shape itself again*
: addy soon his hand turns into a broad and sharp blade just like the one on a full grown knator,just longer and sharper
addy: *looks at the blade carefully* ^^
: addy the blade breaks into sand and reform as a normal hand
addy: indy's tail?lizard like?I doubt it...
Asterdai: which bit of you is breaking! its just like an explosion!
Asterdai: i dont think my eyes can focus on it correctly *grins*
addy: ( my hand broken into sand,and formed a blade upto the elbow,just like the knator,then I broke it into sand and reformed my hand)

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