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The Empty Pirate Chest


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I am sure you are familiar with the Crimson Blade. It is the pirate ship located at the Storm Docks in Golemus. Adiallinda, a lover of mine (who is in your alliance), is first mate of that ship. Since Captain Cryxus has departed, she is considered the elder pirate of this realm.

I would like to receive the treasure chest to gift it, for there is none more deserving of it than her.

Thank you for your consideration,

Priestess Orchid
Oak Priestess of the Sanguine Moon
Children of the Eclipse


well idk if you know but when MD's birthday came along Mur gave out those item (maybe thats even where u got the Chest anyways...) he gave me the KC notes i would say for 2 reasons

1. He wanted me to revive and old "adventure" that i had in the AL with Knator (i was looking for his soldiers)
2. He wants the notes to (when filled) be displayed on he MD Archives.

So the reason why i would like the chest is to store all my belongings which refer to KC, those being my Items and Notes and once i have completed them bury them (fang, bones all parts of dead KC soldiers) in a grave near KC so that his soldiers will remain with him forever.



I would like the Pirate chest to give as a gift to Czez. I am aware she has plenty of items and is often accused of hoarding, but I believe her when she says she intends to use the items in her role.

A shame Cryxus is no longer among us, as otherwise it would be to he that I gave it.

I miss Cryxus...

[u]Keith Moon[/u]

I believe that this pirate chest should go to Keith Moon. He was the first in MD to receive a pirate flag and one of the few elder members of the Crimson Blade and has been a part of it since Cryxus decided to create a crew.

If not Keith Moon then I believe that it should go to Xcerces, the First Mate of the Crimson Blade who is part of the reason why the pirates exist in the first place. The crew began as a discussion between Cryxus and Xcerces in Wind's Sanctuary, shortly after a crew was formed.


i would liek to buy the chest to hold my beer since its empty i might could put it to use


Shiver Me Timbers!
Yo ho ho!

ok, ok I'm done with pirate phrases for a bit ^^

Of course I understand. I would be shocked if there wasn't a lot of interest in it. People here are selfish. *laughs* Not that I'm any different. I want it to put a smile on someone's face, and enjoy the visage of that moment

That chest was originally Pamplemousse's. She traded it to get a vial of poison with the hope it would find its way back to her. This appears to be that moment. The chest fits her role perfectly, and she could use it to store her various phials of poison. Clearly, I want the chest to be given to Pamplemousse

I like to keep things short and sweet, but if you would like a longer explanation please let me know



PS Where's me grog wench!
*laughs* couldn't resist one mre

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There has been a change to the rewarding of the Empty pirate chest (very old ID 50)

It shall be rewarded to Pamplemousse after a long consideration and deliberation.

The contest has been going on now for what seems to be a long time and was to end when i saw the winner and passed the item to them.
However, During this time, i have not seen Adiallinda active at all.

the next person who i believe to be an active player of MD is pamplemousse, who has one less vote then Adiallinda.

I do not care if you think this is biased or not. People made genuine votes to who should win, and niether Adiallinda nor Phantom Orchid should be annoyed about this.

I have chosen to give the Chest away FREE as it didnt fit my character at all, and i could have sold it for a lot of money, considering i am searching for a GG drach. But i know i will be able to purchase one by trade in time.
This isnt the first item i have given away for free, and i hope you appreciate the reason for doing so, and the reason it has been awarded.

i hope that the winner shall take good care of it, and appreciate it, where i could not.

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Asterdai: this pirate chest, does not belong to me
Curiose: What-- Oh yes, to Pample.
Curiose: But she did not want it.
Curiose: Remember? She'd rather you have it.
Asterdai: Pamplemousse asked that i keep it, but i tried hard to explain to her my reasons for giving it away
Curiose: Then give it to someone else.
: Asterdai looks to Adiallinda
Asterdai: there seems to be only one rightful owner
Asterdai: i do hope she appreciates it
Curiose: As well she should.
: Asterdai passed Empty pirate chest to Adiallinda

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