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I actually quite like tattoos and I find that its surely an honor to have someone wear your artwork. Unfortunately, I do not have any myself but if I can come up with the money, I may get myself one someday.

I do however have at least 6 piercings, and I'm not done yet. I intend to have at least 8 piercings in the near future.

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why are these posts being neg reped? this is in the proper forum, and there is nothing wrong with what is being said? Some stupid people we have around here.

ontopic: I love tatoos there are many designs I'd like to have myself someday mostly dragons and other mythical symbols :P

[color="#0000FF"]If you continue to insult forum users you'll get yourself a nice lil' warning.
Good day,

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very interesting :D

i just have my ears piereced twice (done at tattooists) other than that don't plan on getting any other piercings done, my ears hurt!! (i know am a wimp! lol)

but here is a linky to my tattoos done so far - some not on there though, i have a sleeping baby dragon on top of my right foot/ankle not photographed, nor is my name in chinese on inner right foot or the tops of my feet

for the best view please full screen the pictures [url="http://pics.livejournal.com/purplybunny/gallery/0000exqx"]clicky the linky[/url]

& all my tattoos have meaning,

& yes i know one of them was 6 hours long but piercing is a different pain! :D

lepus xxx

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