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Artwork Colouring

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I am offering my services to anyone who would like their images highlighted. Anything from Avatars, to pictures used in your pages.

I am offering the first three players, who PM me, my service free of charge.

What I am offering to do is add a flair of colour to your image(must be black and white(like MD Avatars)). For instance, my avatar used to look like this:


Now it looks like this:


[i]Remember, these images are not to be submitted to the Avatar System, nor should they be confused to actual Gold Avatars. I am not Mur, nor do I colour inside the lines for Mur.[/i]

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I see an issue here, those "none-golden" but similar avis can be stolen easily from your papers and be treaten like those. A noobish player could maybe buy them from someone assuming it is an original. I don´t like the idea. maybe you should exchange the color or ask Mur about this in first instance?

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if the images are for personal use, then i see no issue that needs to involve Mur, so long as, of course, it's stated that it's a coloured version of an avatar in game (or something to the effect that you dont own the image, MD does).

but yes, i agree that another colour in addition/instead of gold should be used to save confusion

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