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Linking Players

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Please tell me what you think of this.

[b]Link players [/b]
- Allow players to link with 1 other player and lead them through game locations.
- Encourages game interaction between players
- Lead player will be the player that initiates the link. Linkee must accept the link. Either player can break the link at any time. No cost to initiate or accept. Both players will lose action points as they travel. If either player doesn't have enough action points, neither player will move.
- Can help in RP as players can lead one another around to new locations (locations use the link initiator's allowable locations).
- stats are averaged for travel (briskness, energetic immunity, luck), rewards are shared equally(VP & Heat).
- Can change the combat engine
- Linked players can not initiate combat. When linked players are attacked, the lowest mp level is automatically the defender. For the same mp level, Slots 1-3 are from the linker and 4-6 from the linkee; pray power is automatically 50%, used ve & stats are averaged to be used. Rewards are shared equally.
- Linking is disabled during HC
- Torchbearers can not link
- Timed boosters from shop are disabled while linked.

- Alliance boosts and fight timers should be discussed.

Some things of interest (good and bad):

Could contribute to spoilers (Necrovion, Champion's Challenge, etc),
Labyrinth could be defeated (Players could also help players out of Labyrinth without typing directions in chat),
Could create new defence rituals by joining players' forces
Could create new RP chase games

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Apart from the sharing stats-part, nice idea.

But i'd suggest that between linked players, the defence rit gets set according to incoming attack, like, when 5 and 3 are linked and attacked by 5, 5 sets the defence, when attacked by 3, 3 sets the defence.
If linkees were to defend against incoming 5-attacks, that would be grossly unfair and extremely harmful to their character for various reasons.

Moreover, are traveling spells going to work on linked people?
What i have in mind, could an LHO go into Golemus, grab a newbie and tele to PC with it? (only just noticed: yay, newbie's are subconciously its for me xD)

Even though i'm afraid that such features wouldn't be used to play nice with newbies, but rather in deals between eterans to get access to some places they shouldn't get to, yeah, it might still be a fun thing to do.

[Which reminds me, when Pokemon was finally out of ideas for combat additions, they added team-battles... LOL]

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Simple way to prevent location spoilers would be to make it so that teleportation broke the link, and if one of the linked players couldn't go to a location then neither has access (ie, lowest amount of keys in the pool)
It would probably be best if linking was disabled in all labyrinth locations. While it would be usefull for leading players out, we all know it will be used far more often to help players through.

Not sure about any of the aspect related to combat, however...

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yeah, team battles has already been thought about, but i don't think it's got any further than that.

I do like the general idea of leading people about, averaging stats i dont think is sensible though, too....(i dont mean this word but i'll use it) abusable.

[quote]Simple way to prevent location spoilers would be to make it so that teleportation broke the link, and if one of the linked players couldn't go to a location then neither has access (ie, lowest amount of keys in the pool)[/quote]
The keys thing is a bit of an issue...unless you just disabled special keys when a link was active, or just allow the linkee to follow wherever.
There's no list of places you cannot visit, just a list of keys you have that allow you to use certain arrows to get to said locations that you arent otherwise able to use.
Would have an issue with certain ones like Loreroot Guards and Willows Shop Guardians as well, mp3 links to someone who's defeated them already, hey presto through and no need to fight them anymore.

You have to specify same location to initiate link. And yeah, spells would need to be thought about, as well as alliance leader jumping

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It's quite interesting as an idea Laphers

But maybe only same mp level players should be able to link and while in the link have some of their creatures bind by the link (depending on the type of link)

(For example choosing type of linking 2,3 or 6 players (for group battles)

So in a link of 2 players each chooses 3 creatures , in 3 players - 2 creatures and in 6 - 1

If all three creatures get to zero vitality the link breaks... but so a six player link would be very hard to keep)

Edit: How about if ever implemented making it available only for mp5 ? (so that more people try to advance to mp5)

Well anyway I think your idea has potential both for rp and battle

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