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Youngster Grand Quest


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I'm trying to start something that will introduce the youngsters with the aspects of MD, show them paths of knowledge, let them gain a info or two about the realm.
it will involve many things from fighthing challenges (tho I need voluenters for that, one or two mp3 and mp4 since it is a quest meant for them.) and land teachings to adventure log tasks, and lot more.
It will have fitting rewards for the youngsters (usable creatures hard to get for them at certain checkpoints, quality avatars for the ones who do the best overall most likely... it won't have WPs ^_^ I'll try to discourage alts doing this in that way.)

what I need from you are your applies to be part of the quest.
Players with a developed role who usually stay at a specific location (so that can easily be found), with a great plus if they have something to teach the new players about that is specific to their background (one of the goals is also to show the player opportunities in the realm, so it can easily involve Land cultures and an option of joining one at point, or neutral guilds - with joining being unrelated to the quest) to apply to me (Forum PMs please.)

any suggestions would also be welcome, I obviously have no personal gains from this, so let this be a project for young to get adapted into MD more easily better than seeing hundreds of people fading (I am sure at least a dozen of them would stay if they were familiar about this place and its interesting aspects).
It will have a nice fitting story as well.

edit: just to make sure, the project making just started, so don't expect it to be out in few days. I assure you it will be worked on tho. :)

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I will :))
but please message me for details (it's not only cause of players usually wanting to be anonymous, but quest may very likely involve some simple riddles about players who participate, and if they know who participate they can easily spam everyone with message "are you the one in this riddle" with kinda spoils the fun for some I guess.)

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