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Quest: Funnels


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This is not a quest for the light hearted.

I’m going to take you on a journey, well, you will take yourself. I will just give you some arrows. It will not be easy, it will be confusing, it will not be clear – and I preface this with the following:


The first 6 people to apply for the quest will be called “Keystones”.
The Keystones will automatically have all information others have to search for.
The rest of the participants are called Footstones.
Keystones should focus on Footstones, but can choose to focus on Keystones if they so wish.
Footstones must focus on Keystones and a focus on a Footstone will be irrelevant on completion.
I will not be releasing information on who is who.

You may work in groups, but if you do, it may put you at a disadvantage.

Keystones and Footstones may tell people they are working on this quest if they so wish, but to do so may put you at a disadvantage.

Quest “employees” MUST NOT ever tell anyone openly what their title is and are not permitted to work in groups if they choose to participate. They are also exempt from keystone status. The are not to give any information what-so-ever to keystones, but they will not be aware of who the keystones are – not by my hand in any event.

The purpose of the quest is to gather your information and attempt to discern what it means as a unified whole. Obviously this means the more information you have the better…in theory…. Once you figure this out, you must take the required action you feel the information is pointing you towards.

The reason this quest will run until September is because it is quite confusing and requires you to grasp new concepts and do your research on possible meanings. I fully expect most people to give up or get annoyed.

[u]Gathering Information:[/u]

The more accidents you make, contacting the wrong people in trying to find these characters – the more issues you will have at a later date. It will also count against you in the final reckoning. So be careful.
The Key Keeper[/b] – Will show you the way. Is a split personality, depending on which personality you talk to you will get different information. You should attempt to find this one first. Has 3 pieces of “required” information, but will only give you two of them. Also has another piece of documentation. Depending on the personality this will consist of five or three parts, they will give you no more than two – and only when they feel you warrant it.

Some like to talk to hear themselves speak, others offer their hand in hopes of friendship. my mouth moves to acquire information, my hand extends to receive a coin. My associates are out of necessity. Our meeting born out of selfish desires.

I am generally attracted towards are those who are logical, conscience, rational, well spoken, and generally those who aren't sarcastic, or of idiotic behaviour. Having once been an idiotic, sarcastic person I now tend to realize that being like that is not the way to rationalize and to talk to people. I rather now converse with people of a more mature nature and who can logically conceive ideas, and question reality.

[b]The Code Master[/b] – Is a split personality, depending on which personality you talk to you will get different information. Each personality has 2 sets of intel. Both sets have 4 pieces of information, and the code master will only give you two from both (so four total)

I prefer to be with those who I can trust. Those who do not deny who they are, or what they are, on the inside, and out.

I enjoy the company of people who are easy-going, moderately intelligent and modest, even if it is only a little. People who are very stressed out are always busy. I can deal with dumber people, usually, but it gets on my nerves. Too much modesty annoys me, but too little is fine, usually.

[b]The Riddle Glass[/b] – Be careful how you approach him for he can give you a clue so large it could topple buildings or a clue so confusing you will get lost in it. Has two pieces of information, and will only give you one. Also has secondary documentation consisting of five parts. He will only give you two.

Curiosity. Those that are curious are interesting and fun to have around, and those that will do something, but not for a reward only. I quickly tire of those that need a reward to do something, be it a quest, or a favour. Finally, those that can think for themselves, not having me to explain things that they should know if they just thought about it for two seconds.

The Reckoning[/u]

The final part of the quest is the reckoning. PM me and tell me all the information you have collected, how you got it, what it means as a unified whole and what action you took as a result of your findings - and why it worked, or didn’t. If you worked in a group please only the head of the group send me the information along with a list of participants and their actions. You need to also tell me why the things I have said will put you at a disadvantage are disadvantageous and if you chose to do them, why you did and how you overcame those difficulties or how you used them to your advantage instead if you managed to. Alts are not permitted. Each individual or each individual in any group has only one chance to give me their final answer. Be prepared I will probably then grill you on what you have said.

The only help I will give you on your journey is a bibliography. Which parts of said bibliography I give you will depend on what your response is to what I ask when and if you ask me for it. You may not ask for this until after July 25th.

[b]DO NOT SIGN UP HERE. PM ME.[/b] Anyone signing up here will automatically be a footstone and may disadvantage themselves.

If you want to ask any questions you can do so here, but I will only answer where they will not jeopardise the purpose of the quest.

Feeling a little dazed and confused? You’re supposed to be. Good luck to those that have the bottle.


(nearly forgot....

Rewards: 5WPs to be distributed to those who demonstrate they solved the most, pieced together the concept best and understood the information enough to use it effectively

Possibly some other rewards.

Last 25 players rewarded: These are people I cannot currently give wps to
Neno Veliki
Sir Kamil
dr why
Mighty Pirate
Emerald Arcanix
Dteah Rnig
Rendril Revant
Indyra Sirenias
Blackwood Forest
glazed glutton
Burns the Green
Thomas Riddle
I am Bored

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Me stupid today cause I can't understand what I need to do: look for keystone? look for footstones? Look for both AND for the employees? Will the keystones give me all the info they have? Will the footsnotes give me what they have?

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@ BW: -It doesn't matter if you are new or old, in fact new people may have an advantage...that's if they can work out what they have to do...I cannot tell you how or why you will or won't find any character.

@Dst: - What is written in the first post, is all the rules. If something isn't there, it isn't a rule. Employees have extra rules that arn't here obviously.

Consider the first post here, the quest release, like a maze of patterns and clues as to how and why you should do things or not do things in your beginings.


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Oh no! The Code master has had a catastrophic break down on one side of their hemisphere...perhaps this will help...

Enjoys the company of caring individuals, as he feels that they are better suited to his own personality. Those who are able to think for themselves and work things out are valued greatly by him as those that cannot think for themselves are hardly worth the head upon their shoulders. He likes to be amused and so those that can make him laugh are kept close by.


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  • 2 months later...

We are now at the final portion of the quest. For those that haven't given up, please do the following:

[u][b]The Reckoning[/b][/u]

PM me in Game (I am at winds crossing) and tell me:

1a) What your title was (eg: footstone 1)
1b) All the bits of information you have collected, how you got each one, and how you deciphered each one/what each one means
2) Who were my employees?
3) What all of your information means as a unified whole and what action you took as a result of your findings.
4) Why the actions you took worked, or didn’t.
5) Who your focus was on.
6) Tell me how the first forum post works and why the things I have said will put you at a disadvantage are disadvantageous and if you chose to do them, why you did and how you overcame those difficulties or how you used them to your advantage instead if you managed to.

If you worked in a group please only the head of the group send me the information along with a list of participants and their individual actions.

I would like all your information [u]in by 3pm Saturday[/u] - if you need an extension for some reason please let me know, or if you have been on holiday and come back to see this ...you get the idea, let me know if you have extenuating circumstances.


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i must say this Quest of yours is rather frustrating
i recieved messages from people, all cryptic, i didnt know if it was related to the quest or not!?
which made me very confused, i tried to answer back in riddles but that only made things worse, and i got more back.
then people started asking what I was on about.

And for that reason

Im out :D

Also there is another quest set up which reminds me of yours, seems like you inspired someone


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There were 4 of you who I kept an eye on as you got the idea pretty well, but getting the idea is different to realising you got it - Sephirah, you were one of them. Some of you failed instantly by asking me things out in the open, some of you by asking everyone if they were my employee -which I warned would cost you. Only 3 people remembered to ask me for my bibliography at the correct time. Shout out to CrazyMike for PMing me in the begining - that was a cool idea you had, not right, but clever.

The quest itself was built around a number of things, to name a few: Philosophy of mind, memes, deception, encryption, intuition, protection and importantly persistence. The employees wrote their descriptions themselves, and the reason for this and why I could not give any hints is in order for you not to be influenced by the wrong vibration on the web of connections being created.

In order to complete this quest you would need to be a very persistent and confident person, because you would need to have the bottle to send me a message explaining a lot of things even though I never clearly stated exactly what I wanted you to do, but left you to work that out alone based on various informations.

I sent my employees to give the footstones a hand in gathering their information. They will have come up to you when you were in game and told you they had some information for you and to come with them. So many of you ignored them.

It would take me a terribly long time to write a full explaination of this quest and show you how you could have worked things out and what all the clues meant etc. There were about 13 different clues which included videos, puzzles and symbols. So, I am open to discussing it with anyone who was involved who would like to discuss it, but you will need to contact me on a messenger service to do so as it will be a very long discussion, just PM me if you would like further info.

There were 5 employees, not 3. Mourn did especially well and is highly recommended as a hired hand.

There is only one winner, and he is the only one who had the persistence and confidence required. Kafuuka. Well done.

To the relevant employees, you are now owed payment, you will need to find me in game or idle next to me and wait for me to wake up. If I see you I will pass you your payment.


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