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Alt Abuse.

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When you bought them with free creds, it's obviously alt abuse, because you are speeding up the process of cred-gaining.
If not, it can still be an abuse if you want more coins, but not want to reset your shop, it's also benefitting your other acc.

Simply storing crits on an alt for use as rewards was mentioned as alt-abuse somewhere, too, as it's giving you more slots than what you have.

Usually, nobody will complain about that, but when you use 'stolen' coins (gathered by an alt so you can spend them with another acc, also on the way of giving them out in a quest hosted by another alt), you're moving on very thin ice.

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yeah but, im using my alt to buy( using GC and SC) and store the crits(in the alt), for use for quest on my main. So nothing will go to my main account, no crits /ect, except when i make the quest,i use them for rewards.

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[quote name='bfh lighthing' date='02 July 2010 - 04:36 PM' timestamp='1278084977' post='63177']
Why not make the quest with your Alt. It's a good option cause he have the coins, and he can buy the creatures to reward them.

Hope this help


Thats basically what im doing,just that im storing the CTC only on the main, since im not online that often with the alt. So when i make the quest, i use the main to give away the CTC's, by them pming me or vice versa.

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That's what i meant with using the alts to give each other more slots.

Basically, what you do is making sure that everybody knows it's your quest, so your reputation goes up, without making space on your own slots to store the rewards.
That is an abuse per definition.

What you could do is asking people to keep the creatures until you actually need them, which would of course increase the price.

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the problem is almost always about the proportion of such an action. For the average player that has one more account that he plays and some other forgotten alt that he can't remember the login of, that is usualy not a problem. He will transfer creatures and silver anyway and it is not alt abuse. The problem comes with massive abusers that take advantage of such a thing and breed lots of alts just to get a certain advantage they offer,...that is the real problem.

a possible solution would be to restrict free credits voting of _all_ suspicious accounts or even put a limit of silver you could get on an account, what is above that limit will automatically restrict free credits option.

but , that is a very extreme solution and will affect also "innocent" players.

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