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Function: Mds_Store_Sessdata


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[b]void[/b] mds_store_sessdata(string $value, [i]optional[/i] int $index);

Stores temporary data for the player.
There are 10 "boxes" for each player which you can work with to store data.
Each player's session storage is unique to them, but each editor works on them independently.
That means 2 different editors can store to index 1 but will not affect eachother.

The value is a string value that will be stored, to store other data types serialize it first.
Index indicates which box to store it in, there are 10 boxes numbered 0 to 9. The default is 0.

[quote]- stored data can be at most 200 chars long
- it is valid only until the user logs out
- its much faster and less intenstive on the server because it is not using database
- can be read/set only be the same user that opens the item (it is not shared among users)
- it is shared across all items edited by the same editor[/quote]

Update: The maximum character length is 250.

See the related function [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7584-function-mds-retrieve-sessdata/"]mds_retrieve_sessdata()[/url].

Example 1:
mds_store_sessdata('bakery', 2);
mds_retrieve_sessdata(@vd, 2);
//@vd now has 'bakery'

Example 2:
@vd = array(
've' => uv('ve'),
'vp' => uv('vp'),
't' => time()

@va = unserialize(@va);

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