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Boss Head Contest Bugs

The Phoenix

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Ok this my official report about the BHC Contest, i know there are already 2 new topic related but i'll try to gather all issues so far into this one with more specific data to avoid the off topic post and hopefully will get a more serious attention in the future (hopefully getting fixed), and also kinda funny coincidence which from all the bugs reported, my name was always there.. :(

[b][size="2"]1. The Non force head take over (already posted/reported by Mr Mystery earlier)[/size][/b]
Everyone may take enemies head by attacking them even without any alive creatures/no creatures, and in some case if repeated between 2 player for several times by the same way the head dissapeared without traces.

[b][size="2"]2. Heads take over by non contestant player[/size][/b]
Well, it happened atleast i was getting attacked by 2 players from the same MP level with me which not participating on the BHC,they able to take my head, even 1 of them able to take all my heads. :P

[b][size="2"]3. Head Dissapeared 1 (Already posted by Pipstickz earlier)[/size][/b]
Crossed time between 2 victorious ritual attack between 2 players (in this case Pip and me). Pip was try to attack me with his single creature ritual but i managed to attack him first not more than 1 second before his attack, i kill his def which also included 1 creature that he going to use for attacking me, i take all the heads and in the same time he attack me with that single creature which supposed to be dead and can't be use as single creature ritual, he took all the heads back but only severals, i check all my heads are gone and he just got around 25% from the heads, in that case almost 100 heads are dissapeared without traces.

[b][size="2"]4. Head Dissapeared 2 (Already posted by Mr Mystery)[/size][/b]
It happened when Mr Mystery managed to get 12 consecutive wins againts me so will be able to activating the burst, after the number 12 wins he activated the burst which was right on the same time with the score counter regenated, he lost half of his heads and not getting the score counted too, we both was online at the same time and place which my heads amount are fine and get the score counted as normal.
I dont know what the related between the burst and the score counter, but i surely remember that the burst was activated on the same time with the counter regenerated and the burst was the only thing that happened at that time.
(btw i also read the same post from Eon but i'm not sure if he also experienced the same thing with Mr Mystery)

ps: For all related players in case please correct me if there's a wrong and add something that probably i missed

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5. Heads not taken from opponent despite winning fight

I won twice against Hedge Munos but did not get his heads. It was as if nothing happened. We both are registered in BHC.

[quote] OUT Hedge Munos 0 426 0 04-02-2012 07:59:26 [url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.combatreplay.php?id=3170823"]replay[/url] OUT Hedge Munos 0 0 0 04-02-2012 07:46:04 [url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.combatreplay.php?id=3170792"]replay[/url]

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i was chasing Lone Wolf somewhere around 08:00 ST for his 300+ heads, and i got stuck walking because of insufficient AP (but had enough to attack)

LW appeared and attacked me, won but got no heads from me (i wasn't carrying any). and seconds later i did my attack on him, was victories, i got his 300+ heads, and he moved to Splitted Pass Halt (i saw in the BHC page), and surprisingly saw him with another 300+ heads

he was also informed me (thru PM) about the bug, and even asked me where to report, whether to council or here in the forum; which i also did, i reported this matter your fierce boss heads master organizer [b](but unfortunately, he responded to me with another attack, which i am to post the screenshot later after writing this)[/b]

both of LW's and my heads (total of 600) were successfully taken by Ptw, and now they are mixed with CM's counts


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