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Forum Sections And Creating Them


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  • Root Admin

How the forum is structured is always in flux because the game is ever changing, so the forum must change to represent this.

If you think that there is a better way to structure something, or that something could be merged/moved/split please feel free to contact me.

If you wish to have a forum section, Either a hidden one where only certain people can view it, or a more open one for a group or guild then please contact me again.

If you are asking for a forum section or sections i need

[b]Name - name of the forum[/b]
[b]Description - this is a small piece of text under the forum name, sometimes it isn't necessary[/b]
[b]Location - where the section would be located, Such as this section is located in No Mans land -> Questions and Answers[/b]
[b]Visibility - Who can view it? Is it public or hidden to certain members.[/b]
[b]Second in Command - if you disappear, who has the power to request changes to the forum, or approve it being removed[/b]

Just because you feel a forum would be good, it will be decided case by case whether it would be beneficial. Hidden forums are normally granted as they do not effect the layout of what others can see.

Addition Notes:

- When creating forums bear in mind i need one person who i can contact easily to talk about the forums or ask any questions i may have.
- If you are asking for a forum to be created for a specific group (for example an alliance) i need the leader to tell me what they want. I may know you personally and absolutely trust you. But i NEED the leader of the group to confirm with me what they want and be the person who i can talk to if something happens.
- moderator rights for the specific forums can be given to the "main contact" of said forum. This will only be for the specific forums and any actions that you do will be responsible to you. (any guidence for or against actions will be given on request, use your common sense)
- Because of how the forum is set up i cannot give you the rights to add or remove members. Member changes must go through me.

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  • Root Admin

i will go mad the next time someone asks for a forum and does not send me the required information.

Forums take time to create, and therefore i only have time to do it on the weekend. If i spend all the weekend getting the information out of you, then it will be another week before i can create them.

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