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[Golemus Golemicarum] Yrths Avy

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Ok i have an image that i have wanted to use for a long time but
back when i though of this image the first time we didnt have
the avy vault. Now the we have and i got me my new scanner I feel
i would like to use the image. I put this in this section as it relates to Yrth
if the mods feel it is not the right place for it please correct it.

But first i would like some opinions on the image and if people think
it fits with my character. I will thn need to decide if i will trade off
the current avy.

So the new avy i am thinking of useing. (note this is a younger me)
This is the already converted file for upload (this is pending review from Mur)


This is the original


Some history of this image is as follows
This image was done for me in 1998 done by a well know artist in roleplaying (Jeff Bridges)
This image is 100% mine and is not anywhere else. It is mine to use and do as i wish
and after a long time i decided i would use it in MD if people think this image
fits my character other wise no i would not use it for MD.

So any feed back would be good.
Have fun

Golemus technomage
Golemys King

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Just so you know, there are some errors which will cause the avy to fail.

Some of which are:

1) MD sign is not located
2) No Alpha Transparency
Unsure- 3) Maybe too faded

Anyways, Its a nice drawing, but to me the character Yrth isnt a young person. But this might just be me being baised based on your onw avy. But if you like it and think it suits you, go for it.

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This is were i was strugling

Yrth is seen as an old man thies days
and i suppose i do play in that style :)

I will use the image as part of his early day story then.

Mr Mystery
Yeah i realised i forgot the MD symbol
There is transparency in the uploaded image
I did the image useing the sample file provided but will get advice on the changes needed
but at this point i think i will keep the image in the vault if it gets accepted and use
it as part of yrths history.

Thanks for the feed back all it was helpfull.

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lol you are right of corse
I have always like the old man avy
i will of corse be keeping it. It is me now after all
the other image was me back in the day but i could not
upload it and didnt want to give it in as i could not garantee
me getting it from the shop.

But if mur accepts it i will make it part of my vault.

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