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Into Darkness

Muratus del Mur

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[b][center][u]Into Darkness[/u]

[i]Ride, ride with me my friend
Through wind and dust we'll never bend
Ride, ride with me my friend
Till time will come to meet our end

Ride with me, forget the past
Dream with me, you are the last
Spread your wings you're more than that
Ride with me, ride really fast

Spread your wings move on, don't stay
Roads are not enough today
Spread your wings, fly far away
No one's there to hear your pray

Fly with me, fly high don't stop
No one cares from where we drop
Run with me, we are just one
Dream with me, for real is done


This one has a special touch, i can name at least 3 things it COULD refer to, yet there is no proof in the text itself that it refers to any of it. Just live it, don't judge it or assume you know what it is about..

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This one is my favourite of your work so far :D

I think this line doesn't quite fit, though:
[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1283027251' post='67245']
Ride with me, ride really fast

It makes me think of a scene in one of my writings in which a group of riders is trying to outrun a wave of death and reach sanctuary.

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The beauty of a poem is often just within itself not always what it means. Free-verse poems are more for their meaning because it does not flow together like ones with a ryhme scheme. That I why I like reading this poem aloud, it breaths life just as we do. I imagine the wind iviting me to its universe, to see, feel, and dream as it does. The wind calls to us, to know its power, there is no end to where it can go... there is not limit to how high it can fly.

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  • Root Admin

well, ignoring all other possible meanings *cough* the one that inspires me most purity is the relation between man and his horse. The horse doesnt need to have wings to feel he has them... and appreciate the feeling ignore the words, they are just carriers.

of course, replace horse with byke and it gets more sense on the "where we drop" part, since a horse will not hit a wall but a motorsycle will if you ride it driven by such feelings.

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If man were meant to fly we would be born with wings,

So we build ourselves wings to defy gravity and nature itself.

Personally i prefer the sensation of falling, rather than flying, but there is the slight issue of the ground at the end of it, so some flying or gliding has to occur for me to live to do it again.

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