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Alternative Quests


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Somewhere in the multiverse there might also exist an MD with player created quests, albeit a bit different. There's no reward for solving them in this universe, so you can post your solutions here, but do put spoiler tags around them!

[b]The Lost Message of the Confused guy who fell into the Fountain and drowned.[/b]
Your ounce sea -- late hears -- behind Lee.
1.Think metric.
2.Latin is not French.
3.List of french verbs: être, avoir, ecouter, se taire, faire, entendre...
[i]What he really said was 'gurgle gurlge blub'[/i]

[b]A waste of time[/b]

[b]Emo Topaz and the Razor of Doom[/b]
[i]He's sad because his hints are redundant[/i]

[b]Yoshi's trip[/b]
Hint: yoshi

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[b]Fun nels[/b]
[i]It really would have been better if the title were fun nels instead of funnels. What's a nel?[/i]

Here's the unmasked picture from Yoshi's trip, for those who gave up on gmasking it:

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